Phantom Gourmet’s Dan Andelman Forces Brother Dave To Resign As CEO For Stating Political Opinions On Facebook


Phantom Gourmet announced today that they were caving to the mob and have forced CEO Dave Andelman to resign as head of the company and the Mendon Drive In, after a mob of malcontents cried about political opinions that he posted on his Facebook page.

Throwing your own brother under the bus to appease the mob. Who does this guy think he is? Karyn Polito? I haven’t seen this amount of backstabbing between brothers since Artie S tried to tank Market Basket. I don’t know if you could have a worse sibling than Dan Andelman. What a horrible, cowardly excuse for a man.

It’s bad enough that he caved to a mob that would’ve moved onto the next shiny object in a week, he also got down on his knees and kissed the ring of black lives matter. He’s officially in the cult now.

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Phantom Gourmet is going to “prioritize finding and promoting local black owned restaurants.”

Why? Because a black guy got killed by a white cop in Minnesota? Does Phantom Gourmet ignore black owned restaurants that are popular enough to get their attention? Why should a subpar restaurant owner get preferential treatment because George Floyd was killed? What Dan Andelman doesn’t realize is that he’s the racist brother. If you think that black owned businesses need your whiteness and white savior complex to help them, then you obviously think very little of their capabilities.

“Further educate all employees on Black Lives Matter and systemic racism.”

These are words you type when you are in a cult.

The mob of Karens agrees this is a good thing though.

“Needed to happen” because the basic white chick said it did.

“Keep your negative beliefs to yourself.”

Translation – everything I don’t believe in is negative.

But of course if you think this will really please the mob, you are dead wrong.

Guilt by bloodline. His brother must be a closet racist too.

Just a reminder that in 2020 you are not allowed to have opinions that mock or disagree with an organization that wants to abolish the police, dissolve the nuclear family, and eradicate capitalism. These are things you can’t post publicly or you will lose your livelihood.

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The premise of my book was that free speech is a myth in this country, thanks to cancel culture. The mob will argue that it does because you don’t go to jail for posting “hateful” commentary. But if you have to choose between losing your livelihood and speaking freely, then you’re not really free. And as usual, corporations who give into these mobs are the ones to blame.


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