Pit Bull Shot By Enfield PD After Biting Woman’s Neck, Owner Blames Police Despite Previously Threatening To Have Dog Attack Trespassers


Yesterday a pit bull in Enfield was shot and killed by police after woman in Enfield was attacked by the dog that bit a woman’s neck and dragged her onto a lawn.

An Enfield police officer killed a dog that was attacking a woman in Enfield Tuesday. According to police, an officer saw the large dog attacking a woman while responding to a call on Spring Street. The dog was biting the woman’s foot as the officer approached. Police said the dog’s owners tried to stop the attack by pouring hot water on the animal, but it only paused. The dog then lunged at the woman, bit her on the neck, and began pulling her off the sidewalk and onto the lawn. At that point the officer “dispatched” the dog to stop the attack, police said. The woman was treated by EMS who responded to the scene.

“The Enfield Police Department wishes to stress that action such as this is taken only under extraordinary circumstances,” police said in a statement. “The outcome, while unfortunate, appears to have been unavoidable in an effort to protect the female victim from any further harm or additional injury.”

Pouring hot water on an animal as it bites down on the jugular of a woman in your front yard isn’t nearly as effective as you imagine it would be.

I’ve gone both ways on the pit bull issue (owners vs. breed), but the more you see these incidents and the owners are always ratchets, the more you realize that this is an owner problem. Pit bulls are like AR-15’s. You don’t technically “need” one, but they’re no more volatile than any other dog if the owners are responsible. Pit bulls, like AR-15’s, have the ability to kill faster, but if we don’t blame AR-15’s then we can’t blame the breed of pit bills either. It’s not the AR-15’s fault that it’s the preferred gun of Manson freak teenagers looking to shoot up their schools, just like it’s not the fault of pit bulls that they are they go hand in hand with a bottle of Hennessy and a flat brimmed Chicago Bulls hat.

The dog’s owner is Gina Porcello-Rodriguez, and she is exactly what you imagined the owner of a man eating pit bull would look like.

Tittoos, sperm donors who could almost definitely point me to an underground dog fighting ring, eyebrows on fleek, and regularly uses phrases like “work flow bitch.”

Nuff said.

On top of that she recently threatened to have her “big ass dog” maul some kids who tried to steal her teenage sons’ scooters.

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According to her she has “a lot” of sons (because apparently it’s hard to keep track of a specific number when you’re this ratchet) who have their friends over playing Fortnite late into the evening, and the next time someone tries to steal their scooters she vows to unleash the pit bull and the children to “rock the s*** out of whoever the f*** it is.”

She seems like she’s raised some respectable, well adjusted young men and/or women.

If the President of Mexico ever saw pictures of Enfield he’d be building that wall faster than Trump ever could. Sure, they can’t afford to mow their lawn, bed sheets double as curtains, every day is trash day, they’re on food stamps, and the thought of owning property is a foreign concept they’ve never contemplated. But at least they got the fresh Jordans, chains, man buns, and sidewalk patio furniture. Because, priorities.

She also seems to have a younger child, who she allows to be around this man eating beast.

If you’ve ever referred to your child as “baby girl” on social media, then you’re pretty ratchet. But believe it or not she used to be more ratchet than she is now.

On that note, if you’ve ever used the phrase “catch a case behind a bum” or “word to Gods,” you definitely definitely have never been to parent teacher conference night at your kid’s school.

“Girl, I worked so hard to be where I’m at in life.” 

Just a reminder, this is where she’s at in life.

So much winning.

Meanwhile, over on her page Gina is dry begging for sympathy and blaming the cops for shooting the beast she called a pet.

“No one understood you but us.”

Actually, I think the woman whose neck he sunk his teeth into before dragging her onto the pile of dirt and broken dreams that you call a lawn, understands your dog quite well.

She’s also blaming the media for “making false reports,” and in a ratchet twist it sounds like the woman the dog tried to maul was her man-bunned son’s girlfriend!

The “people talking s***” who she refers to is everyone with a brain, including someone who pointed out the truth under her post.

Carole Mangene Porcello appears to be family, and as you can see the hoodrat-bait DNA is passed on genetically.

This dog is dead because it was trained to be a vicious killer. These scum baguettes clearly wanted it to be just like them. When your mother is posting on Facebook how she wants to unleash the dog to maul scooter thieves, and split b****es heads open who look at her the wrong way, it becomes apparent that in this case it’s the owner, not the breed.


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