Plainville BLM Leader Arrested For Threatening To Murder Providence Radio Host, Distributed Fliers Urging Violent Purge


Providence Journal: A Providence man who police say threatened the life of conservative radio host John DePetro at a protest in the city was arrested Thursday.  Jonas Pierre, 28, is also believed to have posted a flyer in late September calling for a “purge” of Providence this coming weekend, Maj. David Lapatin said. Lapatin said Pierre told police that there was no plan for unrest or riots, and that the flyer was just a posting. Pierre is not facing charges stemming from the “purge” poster, Lapatin said. 

When police arrested Pierre on Tell Street on Thursday afternoon, though, he had a BB gun on him, Lapatin said. He will face disorderly conduct charges stemming from the alleged threat against DePetro and a charge of possession of a firearm after being convicted of a crime of violence for the BB gun, Lapatin said.

Pierre is a regular attendee of protests against the Providence police, often riding a bike ahead of marchers. A Facebook page under the name Jonah Pierre includes posts critical of the police, as well as the poster calling for a “purge” in Providence this coming weekend. It would not be a peaceful protest, the flyer warned. (The original name of the page under which this was posted was Jonas Pierre.) Pierre was also arrested at a July protest outside the police headquarters, charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and simple assault. 

The Purge movie series is about a stretch of time during which all crimes, even murder, are legal. The flyer used an image from one of the installments, “The Purge: Election Year.”  DePetro said in a message to The Providence Journal that at a protest on Oct. 23, “my life was repeatedly and viciously threatened (and witnessed by several people) by a protester. I take these threats very seriously and I am fully cooperating with Providence police.” 

You can start hearing John DePetro get confronted and threatened by someone around the 15:30 mark during the protest over Jhamal Gonsalves, who made the wise choice to drive a moped into a brick wall like an idiot and is in a coma as a result.

Jonas Pierre isn’t from Providence, he’s from Plainville, MA. He grew up int he burbs, played football for King Philip, and plays semi-pro now. He had every possible advantage growing up, but he chose a life of crime instead and blamed it all on racism because he’s brainwashed by BLM lies and propaganda. He is truly one of the most worthless, pathetic, and deplorable people I’ve blogged about, which becomes more evident when you look at his Facebook page.

First of all, he’s facing other charges besides this one (shocking) and recently asked his friends how to tell the ADA to perform sexual acts upon him.

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Look who the first person to comment was.  

Franklin Baxley. Another suburban BLM coward from the burbs, who left a career as a lawyer to become a two bit drug dealing criminal and pimp instead, forced one of his stripper junkies to violently assault another stripper junkie for stealing heroin from him while he filmed, threatened to kill me, got arrested on drug trafficking charges, and recently got out of prison. Of course these two wastes of space know each other. They have everything in common.

He’s been portrayed by the media as some sort of civil rights icon because he goes to every BLM protest, including one in Attleboro where he angrily confronted the Mayor and a cop.

Jonas presents himself as an innocent victim being picked on by the cops for no reason, but the fact of the matter is he’s been a violent criminal for quite sometime, and enjoys leaving the scene of a DUI, ripping off pot dealers, and threatening to kill 16 year olds.

Authorities say a 19-year-old man ripped off a drug dealer, then robbed at knifepoint a 16-year-old boy who accompanied the alleged assailant and two other men after the boy protested the drug deal gone bad. Jonas S. Pierre, of 2 Sharlene Lane in Plainville, was arrested Friday after an investigation by detectives Paul Hargadon and Kenneth Wright and Sgt. Tracey Juda. Pierre will not likely be released because the Wrentham District Court probation department obtained a warrant for his arrest for allegedly violating his probation.

The incident occurred Monday on Darby Drive in Mansfield, where Pierre, the 16-year-old boy and two others went to buy marijuana. Assistant District Attorney Amit Singh said Pierre drove off without paying after the drug dealer handed a half-ounce bag of marijuana inside the car. The boy protested, prompting Pierre to stop the car and threaten the youth, the prosecutor said.

“The defendant turned around and grabbed a contractor’s-type razor knife and put it in the victim’s face and said, ‘Do you want to get hurt?'” Singh said, reading from a police report during a bail hearing Friday.

Pierre then kicked the boy and his friend out of the car, drove off, then returned to rob the youth. The boy handed over his cell phone and $15 cash after Pierre demanded that he “empty his pockets,” Singh said. Singh requested $50,000 cash bail, saying the defendant faces serious charges while on probation in Wrentham District Court for assault and battery and making threats. He said Pierre also has a pending case involving a drunken driving accident in which he is accused of leaving the scene.

He was arrested in July after refusing to back up while protesting cop supporters.

Because he was one of the few black kids in Plainville he always whines about how no one understands what it’s like to be an oppressed black man in Massachusetts who occasionally drives drunk, robs 16 year olds at knifepoint, and threatens to kill conservative radio hosts.

He once threatened to kill Manny from the Brockton Hub, before Manny died from ALS.

After losing his job due to COVID he said he wanted to start a meth lab and go back to his “old ways.”

He doesn’t like black people who become cops or who have the audacity of being conservative.

He’s been posting about having these purges for months now, including a threat to launch off mortars at Trump supporters.

He doesn’t like Providence because when he goes to taco town with a woman he often finds cheap toilet paper stuck in their meat flaps.

He’s really mad that more people aren’t out there with him threatening radio talk show hosts.

He doesn’t like it when white people call him a thug, which is exactly what he is.

He calls white people “pink faced,” and claims to have built AmeriKKKa himself because his ancestors were allegedly slaves (even though he’s clearly of Haitian descent).

He really respects women a lot.

He’s been alluding to provoking gun violence in Washington DC on election night, and vowed that it would be a bloody November.

He thinks rioting and looting is justified.

He thinks cop killers are prisoners of war who should be freed.

He threatened to murder a white man on Facebook for a comment he made.

He says his goal is to use the threat of violence to scare elected officials.

And he’s really upset that his “mans” is dead and says he’s going to “do damage.”

Never forget that these are the people we catered to back in June. The CEO of the Phantom Gourmet was fired because he was critical of these sort of tactics. A restaurant in Swampscott banned an elected official because a bartender overheard him speaking negatively of BLM. Folks like Jonas Pierre are the people we were supposed to “listen” to in order to have a “conversation about race.”

I didn’t fall for it back then because I knew that just because George Floyd was killed by a rogue cop didn’t mean that BLM leaders like Jonas weren’t violent felons. At the end of the day he’s not oppressed, he’s just a loser who can’t stop breaking the law and blames everyone else for his poor life decisions because he’s not man enough to own up to who he is.


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