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Plainville Woman Slams Pizza Delivery Driver And His Parents For Taking Tip Out Of Her Hand That Was Intended For Him


This is JoAnne Throckmorton from Plainville.

She’s a good Christian woman who urges people to be kind and walk away from arguments.

But perhaps she should take her own advice, because yesterday after becoming displeased with service from an unnamed pizza place, she went on several town Facebook groups and was rather unkind and argumentative while attacking the delivery driver.

The most amazing part about this post is that she wrote it, hit the enter button, and thought to herself, “he’s going to be the one who looks bad here.” That and the fact that she associates Lent with splurging on pizza. You’re supposed to be fasting, or giving something up for Lent. I’d recommend she give up being a c you next Tuesday, but that’s just me.

Just to review, the low wage worker who delivered a pizza to her house during a pandemic because she’s too lazy to drive there herself, arrived and saw that she had money in both her left and right hand. She handed him the money from her left hand that covered the exact cost of the order. Then apparently he was supposed to perform a song and dance, do a freestyle, or recite the Pledge of Allegiance, and if it was up to her satisfaction he could have the tip that she was teasing him with in her right hand. 

Someone might want to tell JoAnne that this is not a string bet at a poker table. You give them all your money at once. It’s really just that simple. 

JoAnne then called him a “dud,” complained that he was the one being disrespectful in this scenario, vowed never to tip him again, and blamed his parents for raising a “piece of crap son” with no manners. Her dog at least waits until she puts the treat in his mouth, so naturally then she treats this human being like a dog who must beg for his treat as well.

Funny thing is that her husband James Cockmorton was a member of the Plainville Planning Board and ran for Selectman on a platform of being more business friendly.

But Throckmorton said he would act more aggressively.

“I would actually go out and greet and invite commerce to come to town,” he said.

He’s also a proud democrat.

Which is fine, but since they’re the party that claims to advocate for working class people like delivery drivers, and thinks they should get paid at least $15 an hour, then maybe people like her should treat working class people with the respect and dignity they deserve. Almost as if these people are complete and total frauds.


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