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Plumley Village Grinch Signs For Christmas Package Intended For Previous Tenant’s Kids, Denies Wrongdoing Despite Receipt Showing She Signed For It


A turtle rider messaged us about an unfortunate incident she had with a local grinch residing at her former place of residence.

“I have someone that needs to be exposed and need your help. She is currently a resident at my old address and I had some packages delivered, but they delivered them to my old address where she resides. I went with the cops to her house because she signed off on them, but she claims she didn’t sign them off and that she doesn’t have them. I have proof from UPS saying they were signed off with her last name by someone in her home. Her name is Lizbeth Cardona, and she lives in Plumley Village with her 2 kids and so called boyfriend, and he is not on her lease either.”

I asked for proof that this woman signed for the package and the turtle rider provided that.

This was indeed the emailers former address (which she could prove) and I have had this happen to me before when I didn’t change my billing address after moving. I reached out to both Lizbeth and her boyfriend on Facebook for comment, but both of them have chosen to ignore me. Perhaps they’re busy doing his and her’s bathroom selfies for the holidays.

This is obviously an incredibly naughty thing to do, but it’s also the most Plumley Village thing ever. I’d rather live in a ratchet’s glory hole than anywhere near that cesspool of debauchery and sin.

Lizbeth’s Facebook nickname is “get the ya yo,” so you know she’s obviously an upstanding, ethical and morally sound individual.

Her own uncle commented said that she “deserves everything coming to her,” and didn’t sound the least bit surprised by the accusations.

Luckily the community came together and helped the turtle rider out, so her kids will be visited by Santa this year. I understand that the cops’ hands might’ve been tied here, and they’re probably busy with things like murders, robberies, and bum fights since this is Worcester after all. I get why they wouldn’t invest a lot of time into someone signing for a package, but TB Daily News will gladly pick up the torch and provide the public shaming that Lizbeth earned.


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