Plus Sized Activist Calls Police On Weston Woman For Asking Where She Can Get Her Dog Groomed In Doggie Facebook Group


Rowan Indigo is a BLT-123 who appears to be from Western Mass.

Who wore it better?


Rowan appears to be female, but wants you to refer to use her pronouns, they/them/their.

Because apparently fupa/dupa/poopa was already taken.

Rowan is in a  Facebook dog group where a Weston woman inquired about where to get her pooch groomed due to the lockdown.

And since she is the ultimate plus sized Karen, she reminded the woman that getting your dog groomed kills healthcare workers and their families before she finally called the police.

Oh look, a progressive white woman calling the cops on a woman of color for the crime of (checks notes) getting her dog groomed. Very progressive.

As you can see, Rowan is one of those people who wants you to sign a waiver saying you won’t get COVID treatment if you leave your house and catch the commie cold. What I’d like to know is, will she she sign an agreement not to receive medical treatment when she literally splits at the seems the next time she shoves a twinkie down her gullet? I know it’s frowned upon to make fat jokes, but it’s the exact same logic. You don’t get to eat your way into an early grave and then complain that other people are living dangerously.

Then again, this is the kind of person who wants you to donate to her activist/artist friends who rally around such really important causes as “fat shaming.”

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Newsflash – you should be ashamed to be you. You are a twisted woman who calls on the police on law abiding citizens in order to feel better about yourself. You don’t care about saving lives, you only care about doing something to give your empty life some sort of meaning. If there’s anyone who should be worried about catching the commie cold, it’s her, since the disease is more likely to kill someone who has their own gravitational pull. Now kindly hide in your basement and overdose on sour patch kids while the rest of us go on living our lives and getting our dog’s groomed.


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