Plus Sized Antifa Therapist Threatens Salem Residents And Their Families After Instigating Violence At Straight Pride Parade


This is Jennifer Nakhai from Salem.

She’s a social worker/therapist who started her own therapy business called AEON, which appears to be a social justice warrior activist group that also does therapy.

They’ve collaborated with the Lynn Area Chamber of Commerce, and appear to be a legitimate organization.

There’s just one problem though….

She’s Antifa – the ironically named domestic terrorist group that assaults people they disagree with politically, under the guise that everyone who doesn’t agree with them is a Nazi.

This grown woman spent her Saturday getting dressed up in black and thankfully covered her face so that no one else had the displeasure of seeing it. She went to the straight pride parade to see if she could engage Samson and the soy bois in some respectful dialogue about the merits of the parade.

Just kidding. She went there to cause physical harm and property damage with her fantastic friends.


Evidently her job as Executive Director involves joining terrorist organizations and trolling on community Facebook pages all day until she eventually gets kicked out of them all for being terrible.

She also likes to passive aggressively threaten people and their wives and small children with the wrath of her thug friends in Antifa.

Getting therapy from plus sized Antifa members who threaten small children seems like a bad way to cure what ails you, but then again I don’t have the extensive credentials she claims to have.

I see she went to ALL the colleges, including Harvard. Sounds like she was a college classmate of Benjamin Allbright.

Like many Antifa members she seems to be unaware that she is the fascist she seeks to destroy at events like this. Samson and crew are whiny hypocrites, but fascists they are not. The real fascists, as always are the people who seek to scare people simply for having the “wrong” opinions.

She filmed a video of some random guy being assaulted by Antifa for being a Nazi. In other words, he wasn’t wearing a mask, he wasn’t calling other people Nazis, and he might’ve had consensual sex in the last 3 months.

He stood out in that crowd more than a job application and a bar of soap.

For someone who works with people who are having issues, she doesn’t mind mocking people by calling them dyslexic.

And she doesn’t just assault so called Nazis either.

She also “eats out white supremacists.” But only if they’re covered in hot fudge and empty calories.

She says she took pictures of people she calls “proud boys,” which is probably as accurate as her assessment of who is and isn’t a Nazi, and passive aggressively threatened them with violence too.

She even warned people beforehand not to bring their kids because she planned on instigating violence.

Yea, your SARS mask should protect you, but it’s going to make it hard for you to waffle down your 3:30 corn dogs.

Urging people you’re trolling to seek out your business as a therapist, while advocating for violence, threatening women and children, and posting videos of your Antifa friends, seems like a bold choice.

If you’re looking for a free consultation the phone number is on her website.

(617) 982-3996

Maybe I’ll give her a ring tomorrow.


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