Plus Sized Haverhill Woman Threatens To Shoot President Trump Over New Rule Forcing Able Bodied Adults To Work 20 Hours A Week Or Lose Food Stamps


Yesterday President Trumps’s administration instituted a new rule requiring able bodied adults to work (gasp) 20 hours a week to remain eligible for food stamps. Naturally this is not going over well in places like Haverhill, causing hard working citizens like Ariana King to air their grievances publicly.

She seems quite reasonable. Who wouldn’t threaten to kill the President in a Facebook post over the prospect of having to work an entire 20 hours work week in order to receive taxpayer funded food stamps? Totally reasonable reaction. After all, does this look like a woman who can afford to be taken off food stamps?

She’s practically starving to death. And the prospect of full time employment will interfere with her canning.

Only in America can you have an Instagram account called “Chubby Queen” and claim to need government assistance in order to procure food.

As you can see, she has subscribed to the whole, “Unhealthy is beautiful” thing, now that Sports Illustrated has a plus sized version of the swimsuit issue. It’s why we live in a country where there is a market for shirts that say “No Honey, You’re Thinner Than Me Not Prettier.”

Although some may argue that having a pretty face isn’t enough to overcome a mid-section that has more trenches in it than a World War 1 battlefield.

But it’s OK because she loves herself and she has plenty of weed.

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And yes, she can afford pot, but still whines because technically she’s “able bodied” and will have to work 20 hours a week to qualify for food stamps.

Luckily she’s attached herself to her “King” who is clearly going places.

Walpole, Middleton, Concord, Shirley – places like that.

Then again, maybe she’s just threatening to kill the President over food stamps because she’s upset about the ridiculous menthol ban. I figured that was all she smoked, but she also confirmed that for us.

Here is my Congressman, Jim McGovern, whining that Trump is “taking from the poor and vulnerable.”

Except he’s not. He’s still giving out food stamps to able bodied adults, so long as they work 20 hours a week. The elderly, disabled, and all these other strawmen people are using to oppose this common sense edict, will still qualify for food stamps without having to work.

And this is why Trump will win re-election again. Americans don’t care about Ukraine, or pompous Harvard professors lecturing us on the constitutional origins of Orange man bad. When I go out literally no one is talking about those things. It’s all blue checkmarks on Twitter living in fantasy land where people care about that. What people do care about is when they see pajama clad free loaders in front of them at Cumberland Farms using food stamps to buy blunt wraps. They see that Trump is upsetting people like Ariana King, and they conclude that he must be doing something right. Someone might want to tell Jim McGovern and people of his ilk that Ariana King probably doesn’t vote anyway, so protecting people like her isn’t going to do you much good in November.


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