Plymouth Man Vows To Kill Any Cops Who Show Up At His House, Threatens People With Chainsaw And Baseball Bat Selfies For Googling His Criminal Record


This is Mike McMahon from Plymouth.

Yesterday he caused a bit of a stir in the All Things Plymouth Facebook group after someone posted a picture of Plymouth police officers at a traffic stop in town.

Apparently his reaction to someone saying something positive about law enforcement was to make a proclamation that if any cops showed up to his house there would be murders.

Predictably this did not go over well, so he began to threaten random people with chainsaws and baseball bats like any normal person would do.

Apparently his hatred of the police comes from a few places, but mostly because he can’t stay off their radar. For instance, he was minding his own business at CVS when someone decided to do a wellness check on him for absolutely no reason. Cops, firefighters, and ambulances were all sent to his house as a result.

Because lots of normal people go to CVS, buy what they need to buy, and force an employee to call in an emergency wellness check. I’m sure nothing else happened to prompt that.

As someone else in the group discovered, Chainsaw Chester’s hatred of the police also seems to have something to do with the fact that he’s a raging alcoholic who had at least 4 DUI’s by the year 2011. He threatened the man who Googled this and inferred that he would be showing up at the man’s house, and warned him to look over this shoulder for a guy with a bat who looks like the old guy that runs the prison library and is best friends with a mouse.


He’ll be right over there with his chainsaw as soon as he’s done watching Samantha Bee and Maddow.

Anyway, if Chainsaw Chester would like to come on the Live Show to clarify what his statements meant he is free to reach out to me on Facebook at Clarence Woods Emerson, or email [email protected].


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