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Plymouth Veteran Raising $1,500 With GoFundMe For Lifesaving Dialysis After Realizing He’s Dying From Kidney Failure Shortly After Getting Married


A newly married couple in Plymouth is in a fight for their lives, and has started a GoFundMe to get themselves back on track.

Me and my husband got married on October 24th not that long after he found out he was in the last stages of kidney failure in order to keep him alive and well until he gets a transplant he will need to go on dialysis we just recently found out that his copay in order to even start is $1500 which we do not have So I am asking anyone and everyone to donate anything they can that way he can continue his life, hes a veteran going for his master electricians license… I can’t lose him our lives our just beginning hes only 31! …..PLEASE HELP.”

They also started a fundraiser on Facebook that’s raised over $600.

Don’t you hate when that happens? You spend all this money on a wedding, then a couple weeks later you find out you’re in the last stages of kidney failure but you can’t afford to pay the $1,500 copay to stay alive because you blew all your money on the wedding. Plus, he’s a veteran. Support the troops!! Just disregard the fact that if he were a low income veteran then the VA would give him free healthcare, and if you can’t pay the copay (if there is one) then they’ll give you the treatment anyway.

We will also ignore the fact that dialysis costs about $70K a year without health insurance, which they have anyway because they’re just looking for a copay. But the $70K is for the whole year of treatment, and it’s just $500 per treatment without insurance. No dialysis provider would require a year’s worth of treatment up front in order to get treated initially. Very strange.

I’m not saying they’re lying about him being a veteran, but there’s nothing at all on his Facebook page that would indicate that he served. There are some sweet selfies though.

And some bad ass Murica shirts.

But if they’re not raising money for dialysis copays, then what are they raising money for? Surely these fine, upstanding individuals wouldn’t have that “disease” that’s been going around. Ya know, the one that makes you lie to everyone and still your Mom’s ATM card in order to get your next fix from Diego the friendly neighborhood crack dealer.

You’re telling me this guy is into heroin?

If “I’ve been clean for 5 months and I’m conquering my demons” Facebook posts had a face.

She seems trustworthy too.

I’m not saying this guy isn’t a veteran, he very well could be. However, if he is there are ways to go about getting treatment without hitting up strangers on Facebook. Either way, they’re two grown adults, and if he really is in danger of dying I’m sure they could find a way to come up with $1,500. If you can’t find a way to pay $1,500 to live without spamming your GoFundMe on All Things Plymouth, then you weren’t going to live much longer anyway.

I just can’t see it. Plus, they’re from Plymouth. No scammers or junkies ever emerge out of Plymouth. Ever.


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