Plymouth Woman Alleges Discrimination After Telling McDonald’s Employees To Go Back To Brazil It They Wouldn’t Inhale Her Toxic Fumes


A Plymouth woman named Abigail Quintol is alleging discrimination at a local McDonald’s, in a since deleted post in the All Things Plymouth Facebook group.


No wonder this woman gets pregnant so easily. She can’t stop missing periods. She’s so polite too.

Just to review:

  • Trackmardi B took her crotch fruit to McDonald’s in her 06 Saab which recently failed inspection
  • The car emits lots of toxic smoke which began going through the drive through window
  • The woman at the drive through asked her to pull her car up so she didn’t choke to death, but Abigail refused because she sees nothing wrong with forcing minimum wage workers to inhale her fumes
  • She ironically criticizes Brazilian employees for not speaking proper English, even though she barely speaks English herself and doesn’t know how to spell Brazil

  • She believes that she was discriminated against, which according to her is even more disrespectful because she believes she is superior to Brazilians, despite getting knocked up by a Brazilian man
  • She’s a “United States Native,” who clearly is only native to the projects and the district courthouse, doesn’t have a problem with immigrants having jobs, but has no tolerance for Brazilians who don’t like to inhale toxic fumes from her broken down Saab
  • She has a veterans license plate on her car, (even though the only thing she’s a veteran of is late night gang bangs at the Algonquin Heights apartments), which she believes should afford her respect from Brazilians at McDonald’s
  • She will no longer be going to Samoset Street McDonalds, and will instead go to the Exit 5 McDonald’s, even though they don’t have a value menu, which doesn’t matter to her anyway because she’s stripper rich

The best part about it was the end when she asks the strangers in this Facebook group, “what y’all think this town has come to in this sense?” Just the lack of self awareness is off the charts.

According to her she was also victimized because the Brazilian employees were “laughing” at her broken down car and ratchet attitude.

She was shocked when she found out that people actually thought she was the racist one in this situation, because she can’t be racist if she fornicated with a Brazilian man without using a prophylactic wrapper.

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“My son is Brazilian for quite sakes.”

Jesus Quiste Abigail, where did you learn how to spell?

She also wasn’t expecting the woman behind her in the drive through line to comment on her post.

The irony of a woman who can barely speak English and clearly isn’t from this country telling other people they should go back to their country, is off the charts.

You’ll never guess what Abigail does for work.

Let’s be real – it was either stripper, or CNA.

She’s got a closet full of Google trophies, including an arrest for stabbing someone with a screwdriver.


She’s been clean for at least a few months now, which her 10 year old son is thrilled about because he doesn’t have to be the designated driver anymore.

She does live updates from her drug testing, and brags about how she didn’t have to cheat.

She’s obviously in a fine position to tell other people to get out of this country. And saying, “I make sure they know who the f*** I am” at the drug testing facility probably isn’t the compliment that she thinks it is.

She’s totally clean though.


She’s also trying to quit smoking, and you’ll never guess what her brand of choice is.

Newports. Because, of course Newports.

The bottom line is that you’re not the victim of discrimination just because a minimum wage employee, who happens to be the same nationality as the guy who impregnated you, asks you not to choke them to death with a 06 Saab. And generally drug addict strippers from Plymouth who can’t put a sentence togethe raren’t in a position to judge other people about who should and shouldn’t be allowed in this country.


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