Police Investigating After Woonsocket Mother Sounds Alarm When Needles Magically Found In Her Kid’s Unopened Twizzlers 


Thanks to the coronabros Halloween was cancelled in a number of towns this year. However, Woonsocket was open for business, and a local Mom named Kathy Sayaphat kept the annual tradition alive of making up stories about finding objects in their kid’s candy.

Posts such as this one are made on social media every year like clockwork and people still fall for it. This should be obvious by now, but no one has ever put needles or razor blades in anyone’s candy in the history of Halloween. It’s literally never happened. It is a complete urban myth perpetuated by made up stories like the one here from Kathy Sayaphat.


If there was a needle in the candy it would’ve been put there accidentally by Twizzlers, because the laws of physics tell us that your friendly neighborhood killer seamstress wouldn’t have been able to take apart the wrapper and then magically reassemble it without anyone noticing.

Nevertheless, the masses of idiots blindly believed it because if COVID has taught us anything it’s that some people truly prefer living in fear while rejecting logic and reason.

The media does their part by doing a story on it, asking no questions at all, and adding some scary music to it with a montage of happy children trick or treating, because they could be next!

But the easiest way you can tell this woman is clearly making this up is the fact that she is responding to everyone who casts doubt on her story and calling them ignorant, because she knows she made it up.

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Yea Richard, how dare you “jump into conclusions” by not blindly believing her obviously fabricated story like the rest of the mental midget mafia.

On top of that she also trashed the cops for not investigating her obviously made up story quickly enough.

“They clearly don’t care.”

The thing is, they only care about about real crimes. They just don’t like having their time wasted by liars who make up stories like this every single Halloween. I hope they do fully investigate this and finally make an example out of these people by arresting them for filing a false police report.


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