Politicians Who Want Equal Pay For Women’s Soccer Won’t Watch Another Game Until The 2023 World Cup, Which Is Why They Get Paid Less


The US Women’s Soccer Team won their second World Cup in a row, which is bold, brave, and beautiful. Of course it’s brought up the inevitable demands for equal pay, and even the fans got into it.

This of course led to politicians making hollow, meaningless demands for the same.



These are the only words they know how to use. You deserve to get paid whatever you’re worth on the free market, and your demands mean nothing. I know it feels good to say these things, but it doesn’t actually amount to anything.

Just to be clear, the women get paid less because FIFA, an international organization that US politicians have no control over, pays them less. That’s because the women’s World Cup doesn’t come close to drawing the same amount of revenue that the Men’s World Cup does despite what Buzzfeed tells you.

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“More revenue.”

“More revenue” = less than 2%. But that’s just for the American team. The USA makes up a small piece of the pie when it comes to soccer. The women’s team might bring in the same amount of World Cup revenue, but people in Brazil, Germany, Italy, France, and England simply don’t tune in like they do for the men’s WC. That revenue goes to FIFA anyway, not USA Soccer, and they distribute it to each country’s team. If US women’s soccer wants more money then they have to take it from the other participating women’s teams because money doesn’t grow on the welfare tree. Very progressive.

As it turns out women actually get paid a much larger percentage of revenue.

As Dwight Jaynes pointed out four years ago after the U.S. women beat Japanto capture the World Cup in Vancouver, there is a big difference in the revenue available to pay the teams. The Women’s World Cup brought in almost $73 million, of which the players got 13%. The 2010 men’s World Cup in South Africa made almost $4 billion, of which 9% went to the players.

The men still pull the World Cup money wagon. The men’s World Cup in Russia generated over $6 billion in revenue, with the participating teams sharing $400 million, less than 7% of revenue. Meanwhile, the Women’s World Cup is expected to earn $131 million for the full four-year cycle 2019-22 and dole out $30 million to the participating teams.

But don’t let facts get in the way of a fell good narrative about “equality.”

But, but, but, but….the women win more.

Yes, and that’s swell. My team went undefeated three years in a row in men’s over 30 basketball at the Y. The women’s team also lost to a boy’s under-15 team in Dallas in 2017 too, so I guess they should make more than anyone.

Here’s an undeniable fact – AOC, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, and everyone else virtue signaling about equal pay will not watch another women’s soccer game until the 2023 World Cup. They won’t buy the TV package that allows them to watch women’s soccer games. They won’t watch the commercials on these games and it will drive down ad revenue. They certainly won’t buy a ticket to a game, nor will they follow the sport closely enough to name any players unless those players openly crap on President Trump.

And this is why revenue for women’s soccer is so much less than men’s – because there’s no demand for it.


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