Portland Public Schools Are Hosting Racially Segregated Summer Camps Where Teachers Counsel Students Of Their Own Race


The Portland Public Schools have gone all in on racial segregation. Ever since the Wellesley Public Schools used critical race theory to simply rebrand segregation as “affinity groups,” it’s opened the doors for this to happen everywhere. If only Bull Connor knew it was that easy. Here’s a summer program first reported by Maine Journal News, called “We Rise,” paid for by the PPS, where kids are put into segregated groups based on their race and learn from staff members of their own race, including my favorite race – LGBT

“Identity development.”

Because according to CRT, schools should be teaching kids that the most important thing about them is their racial identity. Their phenotype. What they look like to people who don’t know them. Their character, heart, morals, ethics, and personality all come after their identity.

The flier says to e-mail Principal David Pierce if you are interested ([email protected]), and I’d urge anyone who opposes racial segregation to let him know that although racism may be tolerated at Casco Bay High School, we have a duty as allies to speak up when we see racists like this man.

I searched the names of the token white, black, Hispanic, Asian, and gay staff who will be participating in this extremely racist summer camp, and they looked exactly as you imagined they would. Amanda Atkinson-Lewis is a social worker.

Of course.

Tyler Jellison (white) Betsy Paz-Gyimesi (“Latina”), Sarah Bulhman (lez) and Jake Kulaw (gay man who somehow was allowed to run for Portland School Board despite obvious conflict of interest) are all teachers.

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And I’m willing to bet that no teachers objected to this for fear of losing their jobs, or because they agreed with it.

I can already tell you everything that’s going to happen at each of these racially segregated “affinity groups.”

The Asians will teach Asian kids that although on average they live longer, do better in school, and experience poverty at the lowest rate of any racial group, they are still oppressed by white supremacy, even though most anti-Asian hate crimes are perpetrated by black men.

The Hispanic teachers will teach Hispanic kids that this country is racist because people expect English to be the standard language and not everyone pronounces their name right on the first try. Although students attending are here legally, they will lump them in with illegal immigrants and teach them that increased border security is racist.

The black teachers will teach black kids that they are almost guaranteed to one day be shot by the cops, and that they should fear them and treat them as bogeymen, rather than get to know them as people. They will learn that any black person who deviates from this self-defeating attitude is a race traitor and a c***, and must not be invited to the barbecue.

The LGBT teachers will teach kids that it’s homophobic for anyone to suggest that boys shouldn’t compete against girls in high school sports, object to them changing in locker rooms that don’t correspond to their biological sex, or accidentally say the wrong pronoun while addressing them. Students will learn that although gay people on average make more money and are more successful than their heterosexual counterparts, they are still oppressed. However, the white LGBT students must acknowledge that their oppression pales in comparison to black LGBT students.

The white teachers will teach white kids that most of the suffering on earth is their fault, but that they can make up for it by being an “ally.” This means they must never disagree with a person of color, agree to pay reparations, shut up listen, and most importantly – always vote democrat.

I’m not going to live in a world where this is normalized because I’m afraid of being called a racist by people who are pushing for racial segregation. Anyone who thinks this is OK should be labeled as a racist. Call out racists like Jerry Peters and make them famous, the same way they’d gladly do to you.

Yea I know what the goals are – tell kids that the most important thing that defines them is their race, build racial tension in the community, and consume the minds of children with hatred. Jerry’s not a partisan hack though at all.

Down with critical race theory.


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