Portuguese Boys Comedian Arrested For Trying To Break Into Dartmouth Woman’s House With Zip Ties And Cameras 2 Months After Being Released From Jail For Stalking


In September we published a blog about Albert Sardinha, a member of the Fall River based comedy group “The Portuguese Boys,” after he was sentenced to 30 days in jail for breaking into a woman’s apartment, stealing a sex toy, and trying to put cameras in her bedroom. The woman had only been on one date with him and they never had any sort of serious relationship, but he stalked her and kept asking for closure months after she had ended it. Read her whole account, it’s disturbing.  The victim in that case is a turtle rider and she came on the Live Show (1:07:40) to talk about the fear he put her in, and how she testified against him at trial.

He served his 30 days and was released in mid-October, but it appears as if he didn’t learn his lesson and his stalking days are far from over.

Last night Sardinha was arrested in Dartmouth for trying to break into another woman’s house and plant cameras there. Except this time he had zip ties, electrical tape, binoculars, a flashlight, and a digital audio recorder. He was charged this morning in New Bedford District Court with voyeurism, and breaking and entering at night time. According to the police report he had climbed up to her second floor bedroom window in an attempt to record her, before trying to get through the locked front door.

So obviously this creep is extremely dangerous and has a serious stalking problem. At least last time he did it during the day time when he thought the victim wouldn’t be home.

Now he’s doing it at night when he knew she would be home. She was there with another guy, so I’m gonna assume this is another woman he went on one date with, got rejected because he gives off stalker vibes, attempted to woo her back unsuccessfully with novel length text messages, became bitterly jealous when he found out she had another guy over, and decided it was time to crank up the stalking. The victim fits the same profile as the last one – single mom, brunette, tan, professional, etc.

As creepy and pathetic as this loser is, he’s also incredibly dangerous. He just got out of jail for stalking a woman he went on one date with, stealing her sex toy, trying to plant cameras in her apartment, and writing her an erotic sex novel. He obviously learned nothing from the public humiliation that came along with being arrested, charged, convicted, and featured on Turtleboy twice, because the first thing he did when he got out was find another victim.

But this time he had something much more sinister planned. Why did he have zip ties and electrical tape? Was he planning on raping or kidnapping her? Last time it was just stalking and trying to plant cameras. Imagine doing this two months after getting out of jail? He just can’t help himself. Eventually he will hurt a woman.

Just a reminder that when he was first charged in 2020 The Portuguese Boys refused to condemn his behavior, and hundreds of people called the victim a liar. All of these people are enablers and should publicly apologize for their support of this deviant.




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