Possible Reverse Fake Hate Crime Out Of Easton: MAGA Folk Are Grabbing Their Guns After Unverified Story About Veteran Being Attacked At Trump T-Shirt Stand


People like Jussie Smollett have given the impression that fake hate crimes exclusively come from the left. And although it’s understandable to think that, this story out of Easton is a reminder that both teams are capable of it.

Just to review. An unidentified veteran who sells Bruins, Patriots, and Trump gear out of a tent (no word on if he has licensing to sell Patriots merchandise) on the side of the road was minding his own business when several (no specific amount stated) vans pulled up and a bunch of people got out and assaulted him. The police were notified and they told the man who was just violently assaulted that he was on his own.


You come to TB Daily News because we have no sacred cows here. Fake hate crimes are just as bad when the come from the right as when they come from the left. If the straight pride parade organizers have taught us nothing it’s that the desire for victim status has no political boundaries.

The responses were eerily similar to the typical responses when someone posts about a “hate crime” on Facebook that no one else witnessed.

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It even got the reverse Jussie effect of blaming black people for the hate crime.

Now as a result, whoever the guy is who got jumped (no one of course has mentioned his name, or provided any evidence that this actually happened) is going to be protected by armed vigilante squads of local hardos like Bill here.

Yea, maybe sit out the next couple plays Bill. We get it – you’re a second amendment guy. So am I. But there’s no reason to arm yourself and head on down to a t-shirts stand because the story likely never happened.

As usual there is profit to be made from a lie like this, and it scares the general public.

Just like Jussie.

Some people were scratching their heads about the story.

And that’s a good thing. You should always question stories like these. If it seems like it’s too wild to be true, it probably is.

Turns out this was “witnessed” by exactly one person named Sandra Duhamel.

Then LoriAnn somehow heard about it, posted it on Facebook underneath a post that specifically predicted that the man in the stand would be attacked, and it became a fact.

Yea, you’d have to be pretty dumb to believe this actually happened as she said it did. It would also mean that the Easton Police have a policy of allowing vans of people to attack random vets running t-shirt shops at public intersections, so long as the attackers are leftists. But Bill, LoriAnn and Michael Goodman believed it because they wanted to believe it. They see how the left is cashing in on fake hate crimes and they wanted to be part of a victimized class too. The real world consequences are a distrust in the local police, people vowing to come armed to a t-shirt shop, and immediate suspicion of any black guy in a van driving through Easton.


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