Prayer Vigil For BLM Activists Who Vandalized Memorial Gets Interrupted By Wilbraham Woman And BLM Protesters Who Should Down Black Man 


This is Alyssa Toomey is a Local 104 union pipe fitting and plumbing union member from Wilbraham. Her father employs her at E.F. Corcoran in Springfield MA, where her activist mother Susan also works. E.F. Corcoran is a contractor for the town of Wilbraham and several other cities and towns around Western Mass, including many police stations.

Alyssa is an outspoken black lives matter supporter, and as you can see she has led an oppressed life and totally did not get her job as a result of nepotism.

Yesterday in Wilbraham there was a prayer rally set up by some blue lives matter people. It was in response to an act of vandalism at the hand of BLM, and the completely peaceful protesters wanted to pray for the people who did it.

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One of the MC’s was a black man who may or may not be a pastor, but he speaks like one regardless. The largely white contingent of “black lives matter” protesters led by Alyssa showed up to shout him down.

White chicks shouting down a black guy while he’s praying seems like a great way to show that you believe black lives matter. Protesting just seems like such a waste of time in general. It’s just the same old arguments over and over again.

“Do you believe that black lives matter?”

“Yes, I do. All lives matter.”

“But we’re not here to talk about all lives because….”

It’s so monotonous, I’m just over the conversation because it leads nowhere. All I know is if people want to have a prayer group or a protest then let them have their protest. I’ve never once thought to show up at a BLM protest and argue with people or disrupt them because I have a life. These BLM idiots clearly don’t because they not only hate conservative people and those who are religious, they look down on them too. They’re there to laugh at and mock people for being silly enough to believe in God or not read Vox. I don’t really care what you believe in, I’d just ask that you stop getting arrested for beating up your boyfriend.

Just sayin.


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