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Pregnant Norwood Woman Threatens To Fight Several Black Women After Posting Racist Things On Facebook, Denies She’s Racist By Changing Profile Picture 


In 2017 NSTB introduced me to a woman from Norwood named Jennifer Cobb who had one of the most epic interviews ever on the Live show, which is sadly gone forever when they took down our Facebook page. However, the blog still remains.

This is Jennifer.

She has one child with another one on the way.

But that hasn’t stopped her from getting tattoos.

Which is always recommended by doctors. What’s safer for a baby than having needles stuck into your body because you couldn’t wait a couple months to treat your body like a canvas?

The baby daddy goes by Tommy Fitz on the Facebook machine.


His real name is Thomas Fitzgerald, and he’s no stranger to the courthouse records. Like that time he was arrested for selling heroin in a school zone.

Naturally Jennifer saw him and said to herself, “I’d like have him dump his baby gravy inside of me.”

Tommy also likes to assault elderly men.

Every once in a while Jennifer makes a post like this, showing what Tommy has allegedly done to her.

So naturally she’s still with him.

She frequently airs her dram in the form of Facebook fights for the world to see. And since she’s quite bright and totally not a junkie she always makes sure to write thoughtful and measured responses. Like the other day when she got into an argument with a black woman who she wanted to fight, and she dropped this.

She’s “fare” from a cop caller, as you can imagine. Also this.

“Why do black people think there so tough cuz of the nasty color of there skin.”

I don’t know if I’ve seen people screw up two versions of there/they’re/their in one phrase. But when your idea of a vacation is getting a bag from Diego and passing out under a bridge, anything is possible.

Anyway, this was a wicked smart thing to do obviously. It’s not like racism is a sensitive topic right now or anything like that. Better go ahead and call darker skin pigmentation a “nasty color of skin.” That should end well.

After a couple people started to publicly shame her she thought it would be a good idea to start messaging them with well thought out rants like this.

Keep in mind, she is pregnant, so periods are hard to come by these days.

“U MUST BE OUT YOUR BLACK CRISPY ASS MIND BITCH U SCARY ASS HOE YOU LOOK LIKE ur at least 55 yrs old w ur old lady perm”

That should help her reputation. Message a black chick, call her “crispy,” and give her your address so you can meet up for a fight. Oh, and just a reminder that she is in fact pregnant.

Nothing is better for a baby than fighting and tattoos.

Soon other people commenting on the post started getting messages:

Oh good, her father owns a company. And now she’s driving 45 minutes to fight another woman who had unsavory things to say about her racist commentary. This is a perfectly normal thing for a pregnant woman to do.

She’s going to get the last laugh though because Daddy’s business is a multi-million dollar enterprise that allows her to go on vacations once a month.

Not only is her Daddy a successful business owner, he’s also a detective for the Boston PD, and she’s FARFRO RACIST!!

When she attended Norwood High School she was “kinda a BIG DEAL BOO”

Back in the day she “ran shit”

And by “ran shit,” she means, “went through my Dad’s medicine cabinet and sold all his prescription drugs to freshmen.

Obviously her high school popularity has paid enormous dividends. Who’s laughing now?

Unlike a lot of people who post racist thing on Facebook, she wasn’t embracing it. Instead she went into denial and damage control mode by adding the “I stand against racism” filter to her profile picture.

Yup, that should fix it!

Up next was updating her status about “jumping to conclusions”

And messaging strangers to show off all her black friends:

Oh, and apparently if you bend the brim of “The Hat,” it doesn’t affect “The Hat’s” magical ratchet powers:

Plus, she wants to be a black model when she grows up.

So how can she be racist? It’s not like she routinely drops n bombs on her Facebook page:

For the record I don’t think this chick is an actual racist. She’s just a crackhead with a limited vocabulary and no filter. To me a racist is someone who deep down inside truly believes that people with different skin colors are racially inferior. This chick just uses offensive racial language for shock value in her frequent Facebook beefs because she’s not crafty enough to come up with better insults. To me the more disturbing part is that she’s pregnant. Ya know, since she’s trying to fight everyone and their mother on the Facebook machine.

Anyway, I can’t wait till Uncle Turtleboy does the all caps voice with this rant on Turtleboy Live. Can we get this chick on the show? If you’re reading this Jenn, I feel like you should have a chance to explain yourself to people reading this. As always, if you get roasted on Turtleboy you do have the right to redemption and are ALWAYS allowed on Turtleboy Live.


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