President Of Brigham And Women’s Hospital Sends Email To Staff Alleging White Supremacists Burned His House Down In Wake Of Buffalo Shooting


Brigham and Women’s President Robert Higgins sent an email out to all employees in the wake of the latest deadly shooting in Buffalo, and included a personal anecdote in which he suggested that white supremacists burned his house down when he was 5.

Businesses and institutions picking and choosing which murder victims are the important ones that necessitate an email to staff is a tradition that needs to end. I know it’s easier said than done, but if you get an email like this at work you should ask the person who sent it why you didn’t get one after the Waukesha terrorist incident in November. Robert Higgins did not send out any emails after a black supremacist named Darrell Brooks ran over dozens of white people at a parade in that city, killing 6. Despite his alleged concern for gun violence he also failed to send out such an email after a black supremacist shot a bunch of people in a Brooklyn subway last month. The message is clear – black lives matter but white lives don’t. White supremacist murderers are evil demons possessed with an ideology that needs to be eliminated because it’s an existential threat, but black supremacist murderers are just murderers.

Making the mass shooting about you is a new level of attention seeking virtue signaling that I’ve never seen before though. He claims that his grandparent’s home in a white neighborhood in an unnamed state was burned down, presumably because America is a racist country where white supremacists burn down your home when you try to move into their neighborhood. The wealthy surgeon who likely makes close to, if not more than a million dollars a year, is a victim too. Ya know, because he’s not white.

When the homes of white people burn down it’s just bad luck. When the homes of black people burn down it’s domestic terrorism.

The email is filled with other lies too. Racially motivated mass shootings are not “all too common” in America. That’s why it’s huge news when it actually does happen. Hate crimes are not “frequent,” and most of them end up being fake anyway.

But the worst lie in the email is that America has made “little or no progress since my own family was targeted 5 decades ago.” (Notice how it’s no longer “suspicious circumstances,” and has moved onto definite targeting.) In the last 50 years we outlawed racial segregation and discriminatory voting laws, ended bans on interracial marriage (his wife is white, and it looks like one of his parents was too), elected a black President, and made racism so socially unacceptable that you will lose your job, friends, and family if you don’t pledge allegiance to communist groups like BLM.

The fact that someone this stupid is leading a hospital is scary.

He also mentions gun violence being a public health crisis, but instead of mentioning the hundreds of thousands of black people who have been killed in drug and gang related shootings, he only focuses on the mass shooters, which happen infrequently. Some black lives matter more than others.


The Globe published a story about Higgins in February in which he outlines his top priorities as President of a Hospital. You would think that the top priority for a man running a hospital would be to save people’s lives and provide quality healthcare. But that wasn’t nearly as concerning as making sure the medical staff was diverse:


Who cares if the person performing open heart surgery on you is the best in their field, so long as they’re a transgender Latinx midget. I’m sure a black person in need of a new heart really cares if the surgeon “looks like them.”

I don’t think I could think of a profession where diversity should be valued less than healthcare. Black people aren’t being denied jobs as surgeons because of racism. Just ask Robert Higgins, who comes from a family of doctors and has had no problem becoming successful in his field despite being black.

According to the Globe article Higgins’ physician father died when he was 5 years old in South Carolina. He then ended up in Albany, NY, which is presumably where his house was targeted by white supremacists.

After graduating from high school in Albany, N.Y., and playing football at Dartmouth, Higgins went to medical school at Yale and began training as a cardiac and transplant surgeon. On his first day as a resident physician in Pittsburgh, he met a nurse who later became his wife. They have three adult children.

Imagine your Dad is a doctor, and you went to two Ivy League schools, and you still consider yourself a victim of systemic racism.

His Twitter timeline also shows an obsession with race.

Emails like the one he sent are one of many reasons racial divisions continue to exist in this country. The shooter in Buffalo had the names of one of the Waukesha victims written on his gun because no one cared about her. Joe Biden couldn’t be bothered to visit Waukesha for the same reason people like Robert Higgins didn’t write emails about it – the victims were the wrong color, and they weren’t killed with a gun. When you focus this much on racial identity you can’t be surprised when mentally ill white people with guns start to do the same.


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