President Of Keene Trailer Park Co-op Steals From Multiple New Hampshire Gun Shops, Complains About Harassment After Court Date Becomes Facebook Event


MacPherson’s Firearms in Brentwood, NH had a visit from a thief last weekend who helped himself to a $600 rifle optic.

Good thing he did this at a store that sells guns. They’d never think to install surveillance cameras.

It took all of five minutes to figure out that his name is Christopher Villeneuve from Keene, NH.

He’s originally from New Bedford, and as the saying goes, “You can take the ratchet out of New Bedford, but you can’t take the New Bedford out of the ratchet.”

He didn’t come alone though, as a woman he possibly met while waiting in line to cash a $4 scratch ticket got out of the New Bedford limousine (a beatup Dodge minivan) with him.

This constitutes a hot date for the Keene trailer park prom king and queen.

The owners of MacPhersons’s immediately called the cops after reviewing the tape and alerted other gun stores. They found out that he’d been to several stores that day, and hours later the police caught up to him while he was scoping out (no pun intended) another gun store. Of course he still had the optic on him, because, of course he did.

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Hate when that happens.

In a troll job that will go down in history, MacPherson’s has organized a Facebook group event for the thief’s court date. It’s called “Gathering against crime.”


Mobile Home Moses is not happy about this, and has threatened to press charges for harassment.

Because posting surveillance video of someone stealing from your store is now harassment according to this legal scholar.

Chris treats the New Bedford Guide’s Facebook page like his personal diary, and a year and a half ago he wrote a post about how he’s not giving up his guns. But it’s the way he began his diatribe that was so rich.

“I am a law abiding American….”

Except when I’m driving all over New Hampshire stealing from business owners.

He’s also a fan boy of Azalea Banks, and asked her to put a concert together in support of Donald Trump.

Even though she called Trump a “f***ing idiot.”

And just when you thought this story couldn’t get any better, this guy not only lives in a trailer park in Keene, he’s the President of the Tanglewood Trailer Park Co-op. They recently agreed to purchase the entire trailer park (where rent is less than $600 a mont) using grants and loans, because they didn’t trust the corporation that owned it to fix their trailers when they’re having trailer park problems. Apparently his plan to repay the loans involves stealing $600 optics from a gun store an hour and a half away so he could sell it on EBay.

The lesson here is simple – don’t f*** with gun people’s stuff. They don’t play, and they will shame you relentlessly so that you never contemplate doing something so foolish ever again.


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