Previously TB Famous SJWs Are Upset With ACLU For Defending Free Speech Rights Of Blog That Was Critical Of Things They Said


The Rhode Island ACLU bravely agreed to take on our lawsuit against Kathryn Narcisi after a judge violated the First Amendment by ordering us to take down legitimate public criticism of a woman who was kicked out of Warwick hospital for faking a stroke. Yesterday conservative journalist and free speech advocate Mike Cernovich, who has over 500,000 Twitter followers, found our story about her lawsuit against us and the others.

Thanks to whoever sent that to him! The more you guys message influencers like this the more it helps our story grow. It’s a story that needs to be told far and wide, not just for us, but for the free speech rights of everyone. In one of my lawsuits I have 9 codefendants who simply posted comments on our Facebook page underneath the story we’re being sued for. You could be sued if you write a comment online that someone else disagrees with. It doesn’t matter if the lawsuit against you has any merit at all. You’ll still have to pay for an attorney, take off time from work (unpaid of course), and be inconvenienced because some asshole got their feelings hurt by your opinions. It keeps people from posting their feelings online, and self-censorship like that prevents ideas from being exchanged, which in turn threatens our democracy.

Of course many on the far left disagree with this. After Cernovich tweeted out our story it caught on with several blue checkmarks, some of who have previously been featured on Turtleboy Sports. One of these people was woke “journalist” Britni de la Cretaz.

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It’s almost as if the CL in ACLU stands for “civil liberties.” I’ve always admired the ACLU because even though they often stand up for people that I don’t care for, their principals remain the same. Although they’re clearly a left wing institution that likely doesn’t agree with 99% of the opinions on our website, they still believe that we have a right to say it. Unfortunately many on the left do not understand this. The ACLU isn’t saying they agree with our speech, they just have a problem with the government telling us we can’t say these things.

“Incite harassment” is what these free speech opponents like Britni de la Cretaz now use to try to prevent legitimate public criticism. They want legitimate criticism of them to be silenced because third parties contact them on social media and they have to hit the block button. This is “inciting harassment.” She’s lucky to be alive.

In fairness, I didn’t want to assume Britni’s pronouns, which is why she was referred to as “it,” and the memes were essentially just quotes from articles she published. Britni first came on our radar when she ripped on WEEI and Boston for being racist institutions, then refused to go on Kirk and Callahan to talk about it. But she actually wrote articles about not shaving her legs and having herpes, which is what the memes we posted had in them.

Quoting your attention seeking “journalism” isn’t “inciting harassment.” Mocking you for being such a walking parody is protected speech. The rest of the normal world sees the things you’re saying and laughs at you. You’re just too insulated in your bubble to see why.

Then there was this old trope.

  1. Post the death threats. You can’t because they’re not real.
  2. I routinely get death threats, which I then post to shame the person who sent them to let them know I’m not afraid of them. Then I go to the police and press charges. That’s what people who REALLY get death threats do. People who lie about it take legitimate criticism and call it a threat.
  3. I got a death threat the other day. My editors didn’t call for a security detail and neither did your’s.

She wasn’t the only one upset about it either.


Oh look, it’s Luke O’Neil!!

Shirley Leung’s good friend from the Boston Globe who published an article in April in the Globe in which he said he wanted to urinate in Bill Kristol’s salmon when he waited on his table. The same guy who said all of these things thinks Turtleboy is “absolute f***ing trash.”

The fact that Luke O’Neil thinks we are “absolute fucking trash,” is an honor and a compliment.

My favorite part of the Luke O’Neil shtick is how he acts like a punk rock hardo with his nose rings, angry demeanor, and threats of violence, but then blocks people the second he gets called out on it.


Hey Luke, the offer stands to debate me in person anywhere, any time, as to the merits of this blog. We’ve done more real journalism in the last couple years than you’ve done in your lifetime.

Then there’s Dr. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein.

“I’m kind of a free speech absolutist.”

I don’t think you know what any of those words mean. More like, “I’m a free speech absolutist, so long as that speech is something I agree with, or is non-controversial in general.”

And since you’re a doctor, it’s kind of sad that I have to point out to you that there is a First Amendment issue in the Kathryn Narcisi case. A judge ordered us to take down content on our website that was critical of a woman who appeared in a viral video that she specifically asked for media attention for. When the government orders a private citizen or a media outlet to take down free speech, that’s the very definition of a 1A violation. I’m not a doctor, but I do know how the First Amendment works.

But, Turtleboy doxxes people!!

Again, they don’t know what words mean. Doxxing is when you reveal private information about a person, like their phone number or address. We write about people who do things publicly. But I do love how everyone who hates Turtleboy always has the same exact pretentious hipster look to them, along with hyphenated last names and gender pronouns listed in their profile.

I’ll give her credit for one thing though – she’s not afraid to put her neck on the line for something she believes in.

Who wore it better?


I can’t stop laughing at the feigned outrage from these folks.

“The ACLU’s idea of free speech seems like it’s not updated from the 1970’s.”

Almost as if principals don’t change over time just because a woke mob has decided to become offended by everything.

Thoughts and prayers! DMs are open for therapy! Meme induced violence is hate speech!

Then there was this.

We’ve never blogged about this individual before. This is a thing now – lying that you were Turtleboy famous in order to gain victimhood status and SJW street cred. At least she won’t have to lie about it now.

There is a war on free speech going on right now, and these are the bad guys who want to create a fascist society in which only speech they approve of is allowed online. Fight back against them by donating to our legal defense fund so we can continue to defend civil liberties for years to come.


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