Princeton Board Of Selectmen Demand All Children In Wachusett Schools Get COVID Vaccine And Wear Masks Despite Owning Yoga Studio Where Masks Aren’t Required 


The Princeton Board of Selectmen has asked Wachusett Regional Superintendent Darryl McCall to not only force all children and teachers to be masked in school, but also force them to be vaccinated for a virus that zero children in Massachusetts have died from.

For these people it’s never been enough to just wear a mask and get vaccinated themselves. They want to control your body and your children’s bodies, because they are creepy authoritarian monsters. These people hate freedom almost as much as they hate data and science. Princeton has a population of 3,230, and in the last two weeks they have had exactly zero cases of COVID.

It’s a town where almost everyone is vaccinated, and there has been a summer program for weeks at Thomas Prince Middle School with hundreds of kids, none of who are forced to wear masks. Not a single child has gotten COVID. Anyone pushing this sort of thing is a science denying conspiracy theorist who should be named, shamed, and ostracized from polite society. They are actively trying to hurt your children.

This is Selectmen Richard Bisk.

His children are all grown and won’t have to wear masks in school, but he wants to force my 6 year old daughter to wear one, which makes her cry. When I told her now that a man in Princeton wants her to get a shot in order to go to school she told me he was a bad man. She’s right. He is a very, very bad person for doing that.

Richard is also a retired math professor, which is ironic because he doesn’t understand the concept of the number 0 when it comes to COVID cases in his town.

He is also a proponent of State Senator Becca Rausch’s proposed law to force masks on all children statewide, taking away local control, despite previously claiming that masks were useless.

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Perhaps most ironically Bisk also recently shared his belief that women should be free to make their own informed decisions about healthcare when it came to abortion.

But yet now he wants to take away the right of women to make free and informed decisions about their own healthcare because he’s afraid of a virus that he already took a vaccine to prevent the transmission of.

This is Selectmen Matthew Moncreaff, who also signed the letter.

Matthew is a model of fitness who does yoga and martial arts, and could not die from COVID if he tried.

He previously ran for State Rep as the Green Party candidate and got demolished.

Matthew is also a huge hypocrite who owns a martial arts and yoga studio in Acton where he does not make customers wear masks.

He’s also a selfish and bad person who forces some young children in his studio to smother themselves with face cloths while he breaths air freely, and sees nothing wrong with the optics.

Yet he wants all teachers in the Wachusett Public Schools to wear masks.

The Wachusett Schools voted not to reopen as planned on November 18, the day before they were to reopen last year. Matthew Moncreaff opposed schools reopening, but proudly announced that his studio would be open for karate classes on that same date.

Matthew Moncreaff isn’t a hypocrite, he’s just a really, really bad person who wants to hurt children and force unwilling people to inject an experimental vaccine into their bodies. It’s not enough just to reject people like him, we must ostracize and shame them as well.


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