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Principal Tweets Out Meme Of Biden Killing Trump In A Chokehold Days After Banning Students From Having Trump Flags On Cars In School Parking Lot


Steve Dinkel is the principal of Jefferson High School in Jefferson, Wisconsin.

Jefferson County is in between Milwaukee and Madison, but is a very conservative county that voted overwhelmingly for Trump, located in an important swing state. So it caused some waves when Principal Dinkel used his Twitter account to tweet out a meme of Trump getting killed by Sleepy Joe in a chokehold.

He’s since taken his Twitter down @apsdinkel and has not admitted that it was his, but when you search for him on Twitter you can still see cached images of his tweets.

And in the ultimate act of hypocrisy he also banned kids from driving cars to school with Trump flags on them.

This post, whatever its origin, rankled a lot of community members, among them a group of students who wanted to park their trucks with full-size Trump flags in the school parking lot. School policy currently bans political signs, T-shirts, hats, etc. on school grounds, including the parking lot, whatever a person’s political persuasion. So the students parked their vehicles on the street just bordering the high school property on the east, with the array of Trump flags in clear view. One truck even had a full-size upright flagpole in its truckbed, with four flags hanging from it. By mid-afternoon, the trucks remained parked on the same street, but the Trump flags had been taken down. The flags themselves were seen by some community members as a threat, as noted by Kat Lopez, who posted a photo of the parked vehicles on the school’s Facebook page, asking “What will your administration be doing to make sure all students of color feel safe at their school after this incident at the high school this morning?”

What will the principal do to make sure all students of color feel safe after the “incident”? Hopefully tells any kid who doesn’t feel “safe” because some kids are supporting a different candidate than they are, to have a coke and a smile and shut the f*** up. Because if you’re genuinely “scared” of Trump flags then you’re a sheltered coward who’s parents have completely failed them, and you’re unable to exist in the real world. Anyone who says they’re scared of a flag is not a person you are required to take seriously. More importantly, this sort of political expression is constitutional, as was determined in the 7-2 SCOTUS decision in 1969 known as Tinker vs. Des Moines.

Just to review, the principal is using a Twitter account with a picture of the school that identifies him as the principal and thus as a representative of the school, and he’s tweeting out memes glorifying chokeholds to kill Trump, but the students at the school can’t express their support for a political candidate. Even if it is a school rule, it’s still unconstitutional. Just because this dumpy woke Mom left a comment on the school’s Facebook page doesn’t mean the First Amendment stops existing.

This same woman (Kat Lopez) donated money to rapist Jacob Blake, who was shot by a heroic police officer in nearby Kenosha after attempting to kidnap his victim’s children despite having a restraining order out against him due to the fact that he raped her a couple months prior.

Oh, and here’s a picture I found on Jefferson High School’s Facebook page.

Teachers wearing RBG masks while promoting “kindness, acceptance, and inclusion day,” none of which applies to kindness towards or acceptance of people who hold conservative viewpoints. Nothing political about that!

Anyway, there’s a lot of morons I’ve seen on this post doing the whole “he can post whatever he wants on Twitter as long as he’s not at school” thing. Apparently these ding dongs have been living under a rock for the last 10 years so they’re unaware that the things you post on your “personal” social media account can affect your job status, even if you didn’t post it on the clock. Seriously, this is like social media 101 stuff. Your Twitter account is not your burn book. Ask any cop who’s been disciplined for sharing their thoughts about BLM, a terrorist group that hates them. Principal Dinkel is a hypocrite and you might be able to get away with this in Somerville or Cambridge or Northampton, but it’s not going to go the way you planned if you try it in Trump county Wisconsin.


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