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Project Veritas Investigation Reveals Turtleboy Sports Is Banned From Google Now Search Results


According to James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas, our sister blog Turtleboy Sports is now blacklisted by Google:

Project Veritas gets criticized by the left a lot for allegedly being right wing conspiracy theory racists. From my experience with these types of people this usually means you’re doing something right, and they’re trying to discredit you in order to silence you. These people hate “conspiracy theories” unless it involves the President of the United States being a Russian spy.

Google and other tech companies believe it is their job to make sure that people don’t read and share what they deem to be “fake news.” They manipulate their algorithms to hide legitimate sources because they personally don’t trust them, and they do it in the name of election security. But what they’re really doing is meddling in the elections themselves by presenting their search results as authentic, when in fact they are manipulated and controlled by an organization that is overwhelmingly liberal.

It doesn’t really matter if Turtleboy or TB Daily News gets blacklisted by Google though, since we don’t rely on SEO to get people to our site. We generally don’t write about national stories, but if we did we’d still be ranked behind bigger sites like CBS, Fox News, etc. And since no one goes past page 1 of search results, our existence on their platform is rather meaningless.

Turtleboy comes up for words like this:

But if those words are part of your vocabulary then you likely are a turtle rider already. The whole point of SEO (search engine optimization) is to get new people to come to your site organically by finding you after searching for key words. If “ratchet madness” is a word you use already without reading Turtleboy, then we were meant to be together anyway.

I’m just honored and flattered that a blog from Worcester is high enough on Google’s radar that they’d go out of their way to blacklist it with the likes of Steven Crowder and the Daily Caller. Notice they threw a couple left leaning sites like Media Matters and the Palmer Report on there too. This is what they do so they can point and say, “see, we’re not biased!!” It’s the Google equivalent of “I have a black friend.”


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