Proposed State Law Allows Citizens To Intervene In Arrests, Legalizes Resisting Arrest, Bans Police Dogs And More


Last night on the Live show I gave people a preview of this blog, (which is why you should subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking here and always get content first) breaking down the new proposed law currently going through the Statehouse, “An act relative to saving black lives.” A grand total of zero unarmed black people have been killed in Massachusetts by police in recent years, while many black and brown people have been killed by people with long criminal records who would be in jail were it not for lenient judges and DA’s like Rachael Rollins who choose not to prosecute dangerous criminals. But the proposed law to save black lives is entirely about limiting the police’s ability to arrest dangerous criminals, and makes people living in predominantly black and brown communities less safe. Everyone should see what is in this bill, starting on page 11.

HD5128 (2)


Here are the major things the bill would do.

De-escalation is there new favorite word. As if cops aren’t doing that already. The officer in Atlanta was calm, friendly, and polite to Rayshard Brooks, and when he went to arrest him for DUI Brooks snapped and got violent. Brooks is dead because he chose to escalate.

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There are so many things in this bill that make police and citizens less afe.

  1. Cops can’t shoot at moving vehicles. They have to just let the bad guys go. If a rapist or a murderer or a bank robber is on a killing spree, the cops would be required by law to allow them to keep driving and hurt someone else. Keep in mind, police in Watertown shot at Dzokhar Tsarnaev as he ran over his speed bump terrorist brother, injuring him, which left a trail of blood leading to him in someone’s backyard.
  2. Anyone can intervene in an arrest if they feel the cops are using excessive force. Just imagine the doors this opens up. Every anti-cop arrest video features a mob of people yelling at the police that they’re not allowed to do what they’re doing. Now citizens will be legally permitted to attack these cops.
  3. Drug dealers and gang bangers now get a 15 second head start to arm themselves, flush drugs, or flee when the cops politely knock on the door.
  4. You can’t use force on a suspect who had an interaction with the police in the last 24 hours. How are cops supposed to know that? Why should people who have more interactions with the police, due to the fact that they are criminals, have more rights than people who don’t? What problem does this solve besides protecting criminals?
  5. This law would make it impossible for someone in murdered Weymouth police officer Michael Chesna’s position to defend himself, because he never had a chance to “de-escalate” with the guy who threw a rock at his head, stole his gun, and killed him. This affects more than just cops because Chesna’s killer went and murdered a 77 year old woman in her home right after killing Chesna.
  6. Any time a cop uses force on a suspect their name is forced to be put online. This will basically create a target list for people who hate police and want to harm them.
  7. Resisting arrest is all but legalized if the person being arrested feel that the cops are illegally using force against them, which many criminals seem to believe.
  8. Tear gas and dogs are now banned, which will make it impossible to disperse crowds since they’re unlikely to respond to “pretty please.”

The law is sponsored by this woman.

Boston State Rep Liz Miranda. The Wellesley College graduate who pretends she’s still Jenny from the block on Twitter.

She’s a huge advocate for prisoners and wants to defund the police and abolish jails.

Another one who already signed it is Dylan Fernandes from Falmouth. He abhors racism, which is why he posts stuff like this on Facebook.

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 2.03.14 PM

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 2.03.49 PM

The elected official guy who represents a nearly all white community, has had life handed to him on a silver spoon, and uses words like “niglet” on Facebook, really, really cares about black people.

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 3.08.12 PM


I urge you to look at the 40-50 (out of 200) State Reps and Senators who cosigned this bill already. Then contact your State Rep and Senator and tell them that you don’t support a law that would make your community less safe. Click here for a directory. And watch last night’s show too.

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