Providence Man Living In Madrid Documents What 9 Days In Lockdown Does If We Don’t Take Chinese Coronavirus Seriously


I’m usually the guy who is skeptical of the media and assume they’re always looking to stir up hysteria for page views, but the fact of that matter is that they are the boy who cried wolf and this time the wolf is here. For all the “iTs tHe fLu” Internet medical experts who still think the commie cold is a hoax, this is what life is currently like in Madrid, a city that’s close to the size of NYC.

David Dyer is a turtle rider from Rhode Island who is now living in Madrid. He’s been posting updates on Facebook about living in a military state during a quarantine, and it’s fascinating because this could be Boston or New York City if we don’t learn from their mistakes. David has been stuck in his Madrid apartment with his wife and small child for 9 days. His son has not interacted with a human being other than his parents during that time, nor has he left the apartment. Only one family member can leave the house at a time to go to the grocery store. Cops and military are everywhere arresting anyone who is outside without authorization.

Every day the police escort hospital workers out after their shift and the entire city cheers for them.

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Spain is one of the most infected countries in the world per capita because they did nothing to stop the spread. They cancelled school but let people go outside and interact, which completely defeats the purpose of shutting down. Now this is the result. It’s like trying to buy home insurance after a house fire.

What people need to understand is that we are at war, and we are converting to a wartime economy for the first time since World War 2. People are understandably hesitant because we’ve had the luxury of never having to live through anything like this. But wartime economies require massive spending, personal sacrifice, and government intervention to make sure people don’t die from economic hardship while making said sacrifices. It requires rationing, which should be the next logical step after seeing guttermuppets going viral for buying truckloads of toilet paper. The common enemy of the world that needs to be defeated is the Chinese coronavirus. This cannot happen if life goes on as normal because the disease spreads easily, the carriers of the disease often don’t know they have it, and it has up to a 5% kill rate in some countries. We don’t have to become Madrid if we take necessary precautions now.


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