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Providence Mothers Allege Police Brutality After Their Children Get Pepper Sprayed And Arrested For Assaulting Cops And Resisting Arrest


Over the weekend the Providence Police responded to a call about a fight in South Providence. The streets were still packed with junior hoodboogers and a bunch of 37 year old grandmothers in spandex. We don’t know what happened before the cameras started rolling, but a video has gone viral showing the police attempting to arrest a teenager who was trying to fight someone in the middle of the street. The mob of deep fried ghetto swine then attempted to stop the police from doing their job, leading to everyone getting pepper sprayed, multiple people getting arrested, and tons of whining about police brutality.

The Providence Police have officially had enough of your bullshit. Let’s review.

It starts off with junior bitch tits squaring up in the middle of the street while wearing his finest sweatpants, socks, and sandals combo on a 90 degree day.

We don’t see who he’s yelling at, or what the police told the crowd prior to filming, but evidently he was doing something they had warned him not to do so the older black police officer attempted to arrest him.

That’s when the grandma tattoo brigade jumped in and attempted to stop him from making the arrest, forcing the rest of the police officers to descend.

Junior bitch tits attempted to disappear into the crowd, but the younger black cop chased him down to arrest him. As he was being lead away another topless teen attempted to intervene.

He covered junior bitch tits like he was jumping on a grenade, preventing the police from doing their job. While this was happening the grandma tattoo brigade was being held back, and another abrasive male tried to jump in but was throw back by the cops.

The Alpha Fupa Grandma jumped in and tried to corral her seed while the other male was placed in handcuffs after resisting arrest.

The one cop yelling “who wants some more” at the mob was clearly done with the nonsense. The police did absolutely nothing wrong and followed their training for how to deal with a hostile mob. If they’d just let the police arrest the one kid nothing would’ve happened. But that’s not how ghetto guppies like this operate. When they see someone getting arrested they believe that they have the right to interfere with a lawful arrest, and that if they yell and scream “dindu nuffin” loud enough then the police are required to back off. It’s what they’re taught at home from day one. America doesn’t have a policing problem, it has a parenting problem. This video is Exhibit A for that.

Nevertheless BLM and the flat brimmed mafia is whining about it.

Sentagraph Joe here is demanding that the officer be fired for threatening to pepper spray an out of control mob. This is a person we should definitely take seriously.


But State Reps, City Councillors, and State Senators like this moron are also buying into it.

They actually have influence, and opposing the police and blaming them for everything is the official position of the Democratic Party at large.

The Alpha Fupa Grandma is this woman:

Her name is Taffii Moore, because of course she’s named after something most associated with gluttony. Laffy Taffii decided that having hair was too much work, so she went full Sisqo this summer.

Plus Sized Sisqo held a press conference today with the rest of the food stamp platoon, blaming the police for their actions while taking zero accountability for their role in it.

Her son was the kid jumping on junior bitch tits’ back, preventing him from being arrested.

“He wouldn’t let him go! Because he was afraid!”

But it’s OK, because you’re allowed to do that if you decide that you’re afraid. Got it? You can just do that now.

Plus Sized Sisqo also mentioned that she was upset that her 21 year old “daughter” Zyrray was not only arrested, but also misgendered. That would be this dude.

Plus Sized Sisqo was mad that the cops called her son a dude because he is a dude, and has made absolutely zero effort to even look like a woman other than not exercising and growing low hanging man boobs by accident. But he says he’s a girl, therefore everyone must not misgender him. This is an ideology we’re supposed to take seriously. They get their own month.

You may also notice another one of these upstanding egg donors being held back by the police, who clearly put more time and effort into eyebrows than she did raising her out of control spawn.

That Providence Pickle Poacher’s named is Alynzea Quaranta. And she’s a real beaut.

I don’t know what that gang sign means, but I’m quite positive it doesn’t mean “I’m all caught up on child support.”

Alynzea has a bunch of Google trophies. You name it, she’s got it – domestic violence, driving on a suspended license, evictions, credit card non-payment, shoplifting, breaking and entering, vandalism, drugs, and much more.

That’s a courthouse Bingo I’ve ever seen it.

Obviously the Providence Pickle Poacher did a horrible job raising her children if they get into altercations like this, but the example she has set is that breaking the law is just kind of something you do so this outcome isn’t surprising.

And when you get arrested the solution is to hold a press conference, whine about racism, and declare that “these cops ain’t s***” on social media.

These are all people that Democrats and BLM want us to take seriously.

In conclusion the cops did absolutely nothing wrong, but since Providence is governed by a communist Mayor who caters to people like this they’ll probably get in trouble anyway.


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