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Providence Woman Doesn’t Realize Naked Man Sleeping In Her Car While Driving To Easton For Work Has Long Criminal History, May Be Here Illegally


On Monday night a Providence woman named Amanda Kean got into her car at 11 PM as she always does to drive to her job in Easton where she works the graveyard shift. But when she got out of the car she found something she never thought she’d see.

Wait….what? A naked man was in her backseat for the 30 minute ride from Providence to Easton and she had no idea he was there? We get sent a lot of story ideas about crazy Facebook posts, most of which turn out to be hoaxes, but if this one was true then there would be an arrest report to back it up. So we reached out to Amanda and as we did that the Easton Police posted a press release confirming everything she said.



Here’s what the victim told us about her experience:

I went grocery shopping and got home at like 9pm. I forgot to lock my doors when I brought the groceries up. I left for work at 11pm, stopped at the gas station and got gas and then pulled into my job at like quarter of midnight. I was finishing smoking my cigarette before going inside to punch in when I heard moaning. I thought it was coming from outside my truck so I paused my podcast rolled my window down and listened for the noise again, and when I heard it again I realized it was not coming from outside it was coming from inside my truck. So I turned around and saw his hand holding his baby penis and I jumped out of my truck and opened the back door and saw his head sticking out from under my seat and realized what exactly I was seeing! That’s when I called 911 and waited for the police to come instead of dragging him out of the truck myself like I was planning!


Here’s a video where she explains where she found him in the car and how she didn’t see him the entire time.


This is Jose Osorio’s mugshot.


It’s unclear if Jose is in this country illegally, but we do know that in April he was charged with operating an unregistered motor vehicle.

Massachusetts recently passed legislation allowing illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses, while Rhode Island recently passed a similar law that is awaiting the governor’s signature. Because the bill hasn’t become law yet Jose Osorio would’ve been unable to get a license if he was here illegally and produced two anchor babies. He was charged with driving without a license in Warwick in January.

In 2017 Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza proudly declared that Providence was a sanctuary city, and Elorza sued the federal government when President Trump threatened to withhold federal money from sanctuary cities. Under this policy police officers in Providence are not allowed to ask for immigration status of people they detain.

Jose Osorio has a long and documented criminal history, despite only being 21 years old. Last September he was charged with felony Breaking and Entering and larceny in Providence.


In November he was charged with felony breaking and entering in Providence.


In February he was charged by Providence Police with shoplifting.


Prior to being arrested in Easton he had a warrant out for his arrest from the November breaking and entering charges.

Good thing Providence Police aren’t allowed to verify if this man, who can’t stop getting drunk and breaking into people’s homes and cars, is here legally. These are the kind of people Jorge Elorza wants to protect and keep in this country. Ya know, because…equity, or something.


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