Psycho Dad Part 1: Jason Moodley Loses Daughter’s Mother In 2016 Crash He Survived, Sabotages His Own Pot Festival, Violates Multiple Abuse Prevention Orders


Editor’s Note: We discussed this story on the Live Show (1:26:50)

In 2016 I published a blog about a car accident on the Mass Pike that resulted in the death of a Spencer mother named Ashley Sheehan. She and her boyfriend Jason Moodley from Shrewsbury were passengers in a car that was driving home from a Halloween party in Salem. Moments before the crash they posted a video on Facebook which shows them smoking weed and being drunk in general. Jason was the loudest one in the car, dressed as the Joker.


I received a tip that Jason was in the hospital and wanted to speak with me about the incident. A mutual acquaintance set up a time and I visited him at UMass hospital in Worcester. Jason told me that Gina Corrieri, a Hooters waitress in the passenger seat, got upset with the driver Andrew Ledoux, and jerked the wheel while it was speeding on the highway. Sheehan was ejected and hit and dragged by a passing vehicle.

As a result of Moodley’s accusation Corrieri was charged with manslaughter, but ultimately was acquitted in a 2019 trial. Ledoux and Moodley both testified against her, and in return Ledoux served just 18 months in jail. Moodley caused a scene in the courtroom after news of the acquittal was announced and attempted to make it all about him, which he does frequently.

When I met with Moodley in the hospital he seemed crazy, but I chalked that up to the fact that the mother of his young daughter had just died and he was likely experiencing trauma. Jason was looking to start up a pot festival and got his weed attorney on the phone, who advised him not to tell me anything I would print in a blog. But at that point Jason had already made the very serious allegation that the accident was actually a homicide, so I blogged about it anyway and was the first reporter to do so.

Jason wasn’t happy about this, even though he specifically sought me out, invited me to his hospital bed, and told me that Gina jerked the wheel. In particular he was upset that I didn’t equally blame the driver, and claimed that I was somehow impeding justice.


Moodley now runs a music festival call Higher Education that he promotes on social media.


I went years without hearing from Jason. Then in 2020 screenshots of him using racial slurs in a private conversations were made public, which led to multiple musicians pulling out of the event and an organized boycott.


Moodley attempted to justify the racial slurs by telling one artist that he calls everyone racial slurs.


This year he once again damaged his own brand by making a post calling military veterans “the biggest pussies on the face of the planet.”


But this was just the latest example of his online meltdowns. Last May (2021) several people began to contact me about Jason’s behavior and things he was posting on social media in regards to custody of his daughter. It should be noted that Jason has two older children with another woman who he does not have custody of.


Jason was using his then 6 year old daughter in commercials to promote his pot festival and had custody. He accused anyone who objected to his behavior of being a pedophile, which eventually led to abuse prevention orders being granted against him in Dudley District Court. He violated these orders several times, which led to criminal charges and warrants out for his arrest. He also picked up an OUI.


Jason frequently violates court orders by posting on Facebook and believes that by doing so he is fighting for his daughter.


Last year Jason and several of the people he was falsely accusing of being pedophiles online began to contact me about his behavior. Jason was dating a woman named Shayla after Ashley died. During that time Shayla became close with his daughter, but they ended up breaking up. After that Shayla began dating another man named Casey, which upset Jason. Since then Jason has been maliciously smearing Casey by falsely accusing him of being a pedophile to Casey’s own son. Here’s a video Jason posted on Facebook of himself having a meltdown while driving, complaining that the state took his daughter away from him and gave her to 2 pedophiles. (He’s referring to Kayla and Casey, neither of whom is a pedophile, nor do they have custody of his daughter)


I’ve also viewed video that I will not be posting of Jason’s daughter telling her maternal grandmother (who Jason also hates and defames online) that Jason coached her to say that Casey)

“Daddy told me to say it because he was mad at Shayla.”

Jason has claimed that Casey gave his own son narcotics, that people have OD’d at his house, that he manufactured drugs, illegally purchased firearms, and has unsuccessfully tried to weaponize the police, DA, and DCF against him.

But this is just the beginning of his madness. I wasn’t intending for this to be a multi-blog series, but there’s just way too much for one blog so I’m gonna have to tease you with this one. Part 2 coming early next week.

Editor’s Note: Read part 2 here.


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