Putnam Parents Arrested For Driving With Her On Hood Of Car During Daytime Traffic Quarrel 


Back in February someone sent me a video from Putnam, CT (a vast wasteland of broken dreams and overdue child support), showing a woman riding on the hood of a car in broad daylight, yelling obscenities at the driver.

“You’re a f***ing crackhead.”

If that’s not a Putnam love story I don’t know what is.

It’s all part of the courting process.

I never got around to blogging about it but then I saw this post on WINY Radio yesterday.

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Let it be known – if you post something on Facebook and it goes viral, and you live in Putnam, the cops will launch an investigation and not bother telling you.

No word if the lovebirds are still together, but the hoodrat (literally) ride or die (also literally) isn’t letting the haters get to her.

Hoodrat Heidi doesn’t have a job because she reproduced with her ghetto valet, and that is a job.

Staying at home gives her plenty of time to sit around sharing ironic memes all day about how she doesn’t chase after people anymore.

Which is technically true because she riding on the hood of your sperm donor’s whip and didn’t have to physically chase him at all.

More appropriately she posted this the day after the incident.

Sometimes you ride shotgun, other times you ride on the hood, and other times you get your head blown off by the CIA. Whatever helps you clear your head.

On the day it happened she completely blamed him for making her snap, which resulted in her having no choice but to jump on the hood of a moving vehicle and continue to berate the driver about his alleged drug history, rather than asking him to stop driving.

According to her “the only string that hasn’t snap yet is the one with anayastasia she keeps me going she keeps me alive.”

Not sure how riding on the hood of a moving vehicle helps keep you alive, but if these people put half the time into raising their kid as they did into naming them they’d probably have a lot less problems. Too bad, because I really though this was one was built to last.

If Melissa or Andrew wants to come on the live show this weekend to share their side of the story they are free to message me on Facebook at Clarence Woods Emerson and we can arrange that.


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