Quabbin Regional High School Threatens To Report Parents To DCF For Discouraging Kids From Wearing Masks 


Roughly 70% of Massachusetts school districts are doing some sort of hybrid reopening, where kids come on certain days and restrictions are put in place in an attempt to stop the spread of COVID. Quabbin Regional High School in Barre is one of those districts, and recently they sent parents an email explaining the rules in regards to masks, and the potential consequences for those who don’t comply.

If you discourage your child from wearing a flimsy piece of paper on their face because there’s no scientific basis for wearing them then the school is going to call the DCF Fairy on you. And all it took for the people to comply with these Orwellian edicts was a virus with a 99.8% recovery rate that is not a threat to children.

Masks must also be cleaned every day now too. Almost as if breathing into a piece of cloth all day that’s been in your pocket and sending that carbon dioxide right back into your mouth is unsanitary. How will they enforce this exactly? We couldn’t get high school kids to take their hats off or stop smoking in the bathroom. What will the punishment be if kids don’t wear masks? Are they prepared to suspend thousands of kids across the state who disobey? Kids break rules when teachers aren’t looking. And what happens if a disproportionate amount of students who are punished for not wearing masks are students of color? Are schools prepared to deal with the backlash they’ll receive for creating new rules out of thin air that lead to more students of color being removed from the classroom?

They’re also requiring all students to get the flue shot.

Except there are medical and religious exemptions for it. Which begs the question – if the flu is so deadly that every kid has to get the vaccine then why are we letting anyone with a “religious exemption” pollute the population with it? Either it’s deadly or it’s not. And if your child gets the magical flu vaccine and thus cannot contract the disease, then what do you care if other kids have the flu? Teachers also don’t have to get the flu vaccine because unlike kids they have a union who has made it clear they don’t care about the well being of the kids.

There shouldn’t be any restrictions at all. Schools should be open at full capacity without masks. Masks are actually more dangerous because they give people a false sense of security that wearing them stops the spread. There are millions of people protesting shoulder to shoulder across the country and they think they’re not spreading COVID because they all have masks on. Lockdowns and the “new normal” have not been proven to be effective at all. It’s also destroyed the economy, put millions out of work, while not accomplishing the goal of stopping the spread.

You cannot hide from the virus by sitting in your home or wearing a mask in public. It will find you, and that’s OK because for most people it’s not a deadly disease unless you’re very elderly or unhealthy. Healthy people and kids should not have to live their lives with a piece of cloth over their face or locked inside because they’re afraid of getting it.

Sweden is the only country in the world that didn’t put restrictions on citizens, didn’t force masks, and never closed businesses. Not only did they not close schools, they didn’t even test kids to see if there were “outbreaks” because they know that kids don’t die from COVID and cases don’t matter if you have no chance of dying from it. Here’s Sweden’s death chart by day.

Almost everyone in Sweden (which has a population larger than Massachusetts with a capital city that is bigger than Boston) at this point has likely had COVID at some point. Some people died but no more than in countries that locked everyone down and destroyed their economies.

Data from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control show Sweden has a fortnightly infection rate of 37 cases per 100,000 people. This is much lower than France, with 60 cases per 100,000 and Spain at 152.7 cases per 100,000.

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These are the facts. The links are all there for you to read. At some point we must return to normal life and when we do the virus will spread. Embrace the spread, embrace outbreaks, and live your life in the meantime.


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