Quincy Woman Blames Parents Of Kids She Threatened On Cumberland Playground For Not Being Good Caregivers, Friends Agree They Acted Appropriately


Yesterday we published a blog identifying Courtney Duke and Danny Cullivan, the two adults who threatened and swore at some 10 year olds on a Cumberland, RI playground because they allegedly used foul language, causing their own daughter to cry out of trauma and humiliation in the process.

Most people usually just deactivate Facebook after being exposed for being so horrible, but when you’re this ratchet you have nothing to lose, so Lucky Strike Linda took to Facebook this morning to explain her actions.

“Not one person has asked where the other parents were.”

Yea, probably because the other kids have parents who have custody of them.

“Maybe if parents gained a set bullying wouldn’t be so bad.”

Maybe the girthy dumpster fire who chose heroin and unprotected junkie sex over her kids, and was just seen on video threatening to assault several small children, shouldn’t be openly questioning the parenting skills of others on Facebook.

“So you wanna judge me for sticking up for my child.”

No, we are judging you because you seem to be under the impression that what you did was responsible parenting. Of course no one was bullying her daughter, and even if they were there’s a whole bunch of ways to handle that which don’t involve telling small children you’re going to “beat the dog shit out of them.”

The girl in the black shorts who diffused the situation and lectured Tank Top Tommy and Lucky Stripe Linda about how to parent appropriately showed up in the comments to call her out for lying.

Her comment was deleted for the crime of being truthful, but other comments from future and current DCF Moms were not. Believe it or not there were actually people who watched that video and thought to themselves, “that’s good parenting right there.” First up was Shaylynn Regens from Weymouth.

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If “can’t get past step 5 of my recovery” had a face. Here’s what she had to say.

Living by the creed of “It’s OK to beat someone else’s child if they say something I don’t like” is a great way to end up on TB. Aunt Jizzmima does have a point though – that child will never forget the trauma she experienced on that playground thanks to her deadbeat junkie mother and the current guy she calls “weekend Dad.” And although she’s only a phone call away it won’t help her much since the judge won’t allow her to show up and threaten every child who says something mean to her on the playground.

“You didn’t do nothing wrong and I didn’t even see the video.”

If that doesn’t sum up the average American voter I don’t know what does. Also, if the phrase “catch a body” is a normal part of your vocabulary then Dr. Fauci should lockdown your ovaries to prevent you from ever reproducing.

Then there was Matty Walsh and Alicia Rose.

Good point Alicia. There’s no other way possible to stand up for your kids than threatening and swearing at a bunch of 5th graders. This is a woman who apparently has children of her own and works at South Shore Hospital.

What could possibly go wrong?

Matty Walsh is a 2018 graduate from Meth Mile University.

He’s gone full Giannetti by occasionally taking a picture with the child who will grow up thankfully not knowing who he is, just so he can pretend he’s a real Dad on social media.

Then there’s Suzie Roque.

She shared a similar anecdote about a time in which she involved herself in 12 year old girl drama and threatened to fight a whole bunch of kids and their mothers.


Kenny Nelson assured her that her behavior was perfectly fine because she never actually hit a kid.

Which is exactly what I expected someone from New Bedford named Kenny to say.

Finally there was Brittany Lee.

Good Mom = someone who lost custody of her kids and ended up the subject of 3 TB blogs in 48 hours. Then again this is a human being who thinks graduating from that TV school in Southern New Hampshire for the single moms is some sort of accomplishment worth sharing.

Courtney took the post down shortly after putting it up, then took her page down completely when I invited her on the live show 5 times. If you need her she’ll be getting her eyelashes done.

Because God knows she has plenty of time for that when she sees her kids once every three weeks.


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