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Rachael Rollins Baselessly Accuses Boston Police Of Knowing Their Union President Was A Child Sex Abuser But Voting For Him Anyway


Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins appeared on WBRU last week to sit down with Jim Braude (who makes a salary of over $400,000 a year from the taxpayer) to discuss the Derek Chauvin verdict and “systemic racism.” But she also wanted to talk about former Boston Police union President Patrick Rose Sr, who has been charged with sexually assaulting a lot of kids in the 90’s, and according to the Boston Globe the police chief at the time was aware of it. Around the 8 minute mark Road Rage Rollins accuses every member of the Boston Police Department of knowing about Rose’s past and voting for him anyway, despite the fact that most current Boston cops were not on the job in the 90’s.

“Systemic racism is everywhere. Within the police, where certain officers are given the benefit of the doubt. I work with police all the time, they gossip more than middle schoolers. I would put good money that every one of them knew the allegations against Patrick Rose Sr, and they still voted to have him ascend to the highest ranking position in the largest union of the Boston Police Department.”

Does she have any evidence to back up her belief that the entire BPD knowingly voted for a serial child abuser? Nope. But she hates cops, is a pathological liar who can’t stop blurting out the first thing that comes to her mind. She is itching for the day she can use the power of her office to go after a Boston Police Officer when they have to use deadly force on a person of color. She wants that to happen more than life itself because it would make her a national figure in the fight against “systemic racism” in the police department. Because if the police aren’t systemically racist then there was really no point in electing her to fix them. Unfortunately for her that hasn’t happened because the BPD isn’t systemically racist like her.

Rachael Rollins knows that she comes from a family of criminals, and she knowingly used the power of her office to get her criminal brother out of jail shortly after getting elected. She also knowingly threatened a woman during a road rage incident on Christmas Eve, then knowingly threatened a Fox 25 News reporter who showed up at her house to ask her about it. Her friend Maura Healey did nothing to investigate and simply helped her cover it up, and in 2022 the voters will knowingly elect this psychotic boomer to another term as District Attorney.


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