Rachael Rollins Red Sox Executive Sister Takes Down BLM Billboard Outside Fenway Because It’s Hurting Ticket Sales, Fenway Group Fails To Follow Through On Diversity Pledge


Two years ago Netflix, Pepsi, Nike, Google, and pretty much every billion dollar corporation partnered with and pandered towards Black Lives Matter because it was trendy to do so. Public opinion supported this communist Trojan horse because it sounded good, but more importantly they feared what would happen if they didn’t. In Boston no one pandered harder than the Red Sox who put up a huge BLM banner overlooking the Mass Pike.

But since then polls show that public support for BLM has dropped dramatically because they’ve been exposed over and over again as a multi-billion dollar slush fund for communists and grifters. No one epitomized this more than Monica Cannon-Grant, who capitalized on the death of George Floyd by demanding that white people and corporations donate to her fraudulent nonprofit in order to begin the never ending process of seeking forgiveness for the crime of being white.

Coincidentally the Red Sox, who have become Boston’s 4th most popular team with the least amount of buzz, decided a week after Monica’s arrest to distance themselves from BLM.

“It was never a political statement.”

Actually, it was always a political statement. BLM exclusively raised money for Democratic politicians and super PACs. They were embraced by the Democratic party and pushed for policies that Democrats have been championing for years.

The Red Sox 2020 press release urged people to donate to a number of “charities” that allegedly help black people. This included the Minnesota Bail Fund, as well as Violence In Boston INC. They have since removed those from their websites out of shame and embarrassment.

According to the Boston Herald the Red Sox are removing the BLM sign because they want to promote their own foundation instead.

If the name Bekah Salwasser sounds familiar it’s because we wrote about her last year. She is the sister of US Attorney Rachael “Road Rage” Rollins, and the only one of her siblings who does not have an extensive criminal record.

In July of 2020 the Red Sox were pretending to “mourn” the death of a man in Minnesota who they’d never met before, and Sam Kennedy virtue signaled about how the front office was going to work towards diversity, equity, and inclusion.

At the time Fenway Sports Group did not have a single non-white male (except for John Henry’s trophy wife, who loves him for his personality and sex appeal).

So how much progress have the Red Sox made towards diversity, equity, and inclusion, since promising to do so two years ago? On The Red Sox staff it lists their executive management team. Here are their names and what they look like.


As you can see, they have hired exactly zero black people since their pledge to diversify the front office. Instead they put up a huge BLM sign in order to placate liberals and make them think they gave a shit about diversity or black people. But since making this business decision ticket sales plummeted, which is ultimately why they’re taking it down.

The average attendance at Fenway Park for the 53 full capacity home games in 2021 was 29,319 — an 18.8% decrease from the 36,106 average in 2019.

I remember a time before the Red Sox won the World Series in 2004 when you couldn’t find a ticket in the nosebleeds outside the park for less than $50 because every game was sold out months before the season started. Since then they’ve won 4 world series but can’t seem to fill the park up. Wonder why?


The funniest part about this is how management didn’t see any of this blowback coming.

If you’re “flooded” with phone calls, then they’re probably not as much of a “vocal minority” as you think they are. But this is what the Red Sox think of you if you don’t support BLM – you’re nothing more than a loud mouthed agitator whose views should be ignored.

Rollins’ sister clearly has nothing but disdain for Red Sox fans who just wanted to go to the park and watch a baseball game without having communist propaganda shoved down their throats. According to her she was “taken aback by the negative feedback,” and Red Sox employees had to do the unthinkable – listen to the concerns of the fans who pay their salaries.

The fact that they thought that this would go over well, with no blowback whatsoever, tells you just how little these people knew about the organization they were promoting.

The Herald of course was required to bring up the Adam Jones and Torri Hunter lies in order to push home the point that Red Sox fans are inherently racist, but they also invoked David Price.

Newsflash – David Price was “harassed” by his own fans because he was overpaid, hardly played, and choked in the playoffs. We got over it when he pulled a JD Drew in the 2018 postseason and suddenly became dominant. Management also didn’t believe Jones or Hunter. They just pretended to because they thought it would gain them points with BLM, which ended up backfiring.

Rollins’ sister told the Herald that it took courage to put up the BLM billboard.

There was nothing courageous about virtue signaling about supporting BLM in June and July of 2020. There was courage in criticizing them, which every major corporation in this country was afraid to do. Just ask Drew Brees.

She promised that BLM would still be prominent inside Fenway Park, but the billboard space outside the park is far too valuable to waste on a disgraced communist organization that is clearly bad for business.

“The statement isn’t going away.”

It’s not a statement, it’s a radical left wing organization. I didn’t watch a single Red Sox game last year, and really had no desire to. Looks like I’ll be doing the same again this year.



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