Rachael Rollins Threatens To File False Police Report And Have Boston 25 News Reporter Arrested For Questioning Her About Road Rage Complaint Lodged Against Her


Last week we broke the story about a Brockton woman named Katie Lawson who filed a complaint with the Boston Police after allegedly being threatened by Suffolk County DA Rachael Rollins while leaving a Stop & Shop parking lot. According to the complaint Rollins also told the woman “today is not the day to try me,” before illegally using her siren and blue lights to go through a red light in a right turn only lane on Mass Ave. After we reported this story Boston 25 News attempted to interview her outside of her house, prompting Rollins to go on Twitter, accuse the white woman who made the complaint of lying, compared herself to Emmett Till, and said she feared for her children’s lives because the media came to her house for comment. She then came on the Howie Carr show to confront me about the story, once again accused the woman of lying, admitted she was driving her kids around in a state vehicle to run errands, and said she would not be pulling camera footage to exonerate herself due to the 50 homicides in Boston last year. Watch that all here.

The victim understandably was intimidated to come forward out of fear of being smeared as a liar by one of the most powerful public figures in Boston. Her fears were all validated based on Rollins’ erratic behavior.

Last night Boston 25 finally published their story on it and included footage from the Howie Carr Show. Of course they went out of their way not to say that they got the story from us, and didn’t mention the fact that she was debating me on the show. However, they did get some footage of Rollins outside of her house that shows just how unhinged and vindictive Rollins can be when she’s questioned. First she demanded to know how they found her publicly listed address in Roxbury.

As Live Boston pointed out, this contradicts her story in the tweets that someone pointed something at her and that she didn’t know who they were.

She is a public figure. The media is more than entitled to show up at her house to ask questions as they do to any civilian, or even family members of a civilian, who has made the news.

She then suggested that it was irresponsible of the media to come to her house for comment on the alleged incident at Stop & Shop because she’s a black woman, and in light of the Capitol riots she was more in danger due to the color of her skin. After that she told the reporter that she would be responsible if Rollins or her children were killed as a result of media coverage about her (a public official).

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“As a black woman, in this country, in this moment, you’re gonna put my fucking house .”

“If I get hurt or harmed because of this, you are on the record for that, or my kids are fucking killed.”

She then told the reporter to leave, falsely stating that her street is private property. When that didn’t work she threatened to call the police and file a false police report before alleging that the woman from Brockton’s allegations were nothing more than the “rantings and ravings of a white woman.”

“This is private property, get out of here.”

“You know what I’ll do? We’ll call the police and make an allegation and see how well that works out for you.”

“So the rantings of a white woman can get you here and scare my children?”

Couple things.

1. Her street, which has a gate at the front, is a private way, but it’s not private property.

2. The chief law enforcement officer of Suffolk County threatening to make up a lie, and file a false police report, is a blatant abuse of power and she should resign immediately.

3. Her threatening behavior towards the reporter is the exact same behavior the woman from Stop & Shop claims Rollins displayed towards her, which only strengthens the allegation.

4. The fact that she called a citizen complaint, “the rantings and ravings of a white woman,” is not only racist, but will prevent victims from ever making allegations against her or other powerful people. If a white police officer who had a complaint lodged against them by a black person referred to the complain as the “rantings and ravings of a black woman,” they would be fired. This is what actual privilege looks like in action.

5. This happened before she came on the Howie Carr Show, and she acknowledged here that the woman who made the complaint was white. On the Howie Carr Show at the 11:55 mark she says that she had no idea the woman was white.

After that things escalated when she threatened the reporter, and once again justified her erratic behavior by hiding behind the absurd claim that the lives of her children were in danger.

“I swear to God I’m dead serious, I will find your name.”

“Get her out of here, this is the Boston Police. I will have you arrested, I swear to God. My children are gonna be hurt!!!”

This is scary. This is why victims don’t come forward. She threatened to find out the name of a reporter on camera, but we are to believe that she wouldn’t threaten a civilian that “today is not the day” while getting into a heated altercation in traffic? We are to believe that this woman who threatened to abuse the power of the state on video wouldn’t also use her blue lights and siren on her state issued police vehicle while frustrated and angry in order to avoid traffic?

The DA’s office then released a statement condoning her behavior towards the reporter by claiming that she was on edge because of the Capitol riots and was weary of “an attack on elected officials.” They also claimed that “she responded as a mother,” not a public official.

Get ready, because the Capitol riots will be used for years now to not only give the government the power to violate civil liberties of innocent people, but will also be used by the government to immunize themselves from criticism.

Rollins has a long and documented history of using the race card. When she ran for office in 2018 she accused her opponent Michael Maloney of being racist because he said his favorite book was Tom Sawyer when asked by the moderator during a debate.

It’s clear after watching this footage that Rollins is an unhinged pathological liar who isn’t afraid to threaten any civilian or media member who dares ask her legitimate questions about an official complaint filed with the Boston Police Department. Donald Trump is constantly criticized for treating the media poorly, but he has never threatened them in this manner. It should be noted that Rollins is one of the only public officials that gets her own police detail, so she is not in danger in the least. However, citizens of Roxbury are certainly in danger thanks to her efforts to defund the police.

It’s also ironic that this woman, who supports plans to defund the police and has frequently criticized white women for calling the police on black people for frivolous reasons, was willing to waste the police’s time by filing a false police report because a reporter showed up at her house to ask her questions.

Now the only question is, will the Boston Globe cover this story? The Globe is really the only media outlet that progressives and liberals read, and if they choose not to cover it then most people will not see this. Fake news isn’t just when the media lies, it’s when they choose not to cover stories in order to preserve or push a narrative. The Globe has endorsed Rollins, as they have Monica Cannon-Grant. However, the Globe has remained silent on Cannon-Grant’s violent, racist, and threatening video about congressional candidate Rayla Campbell, along with her ties to Mayor Walsh, Joe Kennedy, Ayanna Pressley, and Rollins.

Rollins referred to Cannon-Grant as a “”Passionate skilled community advocate, and a friend, and said she wanted to “thank my electeds of color,” at an event in which she used the race card to victimize herself from a legitimate public criticism. (1:00 mark)

Cannon-Grant also claimed that Rollins gave her $6,000 so she could purchase abortions for women in the community. (4:00 mark)

This is clearly a newsworthy event. The people of Suffolk County have the right to know when the chief law enforcement official violates the law and uses her position to not only exonerate herself, but threaten anyone who questions her. Will the Boston Globe cover for Rollins the same way they have for MCG? We will see. The truth lies in darkness.


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