Randolph Mother Alleging Hate Crime By Milton Cop Towards Her Son At Sleepover Party Has Long History Of Promoting Hate, Blowing Up Friendships Over BLM


We have a fake hate crime alert out of Westwood involving a Milton police officer who is being thrown under the bus by a mother who happens to be a BLM radical and is using her 14 year old son as a prop to harm his friend’s mother.

WCVB: The actions of a Massachusetts police officer are being investigated as she stands accused of threatening two teenage boys who support the Black Lives Matter movement. The boys, one Black and one Hispanic, were at the officer’s Westwood home on Sept. 19 for a sleepover with classmates when the incident occurred. Risa King, the mother of one of the boys who was targeted, says the off-duty officer — a member of the Milton Police Department — went on a racist rant.

Just to review, the mother was not there and didn’t witness any of this. So what was the racist rant?

“She was yelling obscenities about Black Lives Matter, about hating the police, about defunding the police and then went downstairs and targeted my son, and also another minority kid that was there,” King said. “She was in his face, clutching her fists. My son was afraid to call the cops, and there should be an investigation into a hate crime.

Pointing out that black lives matter hates the police and wants them defunded isn’t racist. It’s just a fact. It’s literally in their platform – abolish the police. ACAB. I could go on and on. Kind of their thing. Either way, none of us were there, including the mother, so we’re just taking the word of a kid and his mother.

“In the middle of the night, my son was kicked out of the home he was invited to be in. That’s devastating,” she added.

King says her son told her that the officer’s husband stepped in to diffuse the situation, but the boy said she punched her husband and gave him a bloody nose. The officer’s husband then drove the teenagers back to Randolph, but not before the officer allegedly threatened them before they drove away.

“She was banging on the door. She was banging on the handles and grabbing at the handles on the side of the car where my son was,” King said. “It was a commotion because it took them a while to be able to even leave the driveway.

“Those kids had a look on their faces I will never forget,” King added.

I wasn’t there, but I’m just having a hard time imagining a mother beating husband and chasing down her son’s 14 year old friends as they attempted to escape the house and go back to Randolph. Seems kind of, made up. Either way, she didn’t see it happen. Let’s check out Mom’s Facebook page and see what she’s been up to.

“We are fortunate our son made it home safely.”

Be more dramatic. You can’t. It was almost as convincing as the series of unconfirmed second hand anecdotes about racist 12 year olds

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The condescending tone she takes towards the other parent about how she needs sensitivity training, and blames everything on Trump, tells me everything I need to know about this woman. As did this comment:

“Being black does not mean you hate police.”

True, but supporting BLM does.

Let’s check out some of her other posts.

I see she was inspired by Women’s March co-founder Tamika Mallory’s speech after Louisville DA Daniel Cameron chose not to charge any of the officers who shot back at a gunman who was shooting at them and hit Breonna Taylor while she was being used as a human shield. Let’s listen in on that speech just for a moment.

“Daniel Cameron is no different than the sellout nigroes who sold our people into slavery, and helped white men to capture our people, to abuse them, to traffic them while our women were raped, while our men were raped by savages. That is who you are Daniel Cameron. You are a coward, you are a sellout. And you were used by the system to harm your own momma. Your own black momma. We have no respect for you. No respect for your black skin. Because all of our skin folk are not kin folk. And you do not belong to black people at all.”

That was quite possibly the most racist and vile speech I’ve ever heard. Daniel Cameron is a black conservative, and like Rayla Campbell he is hated by BLM more than anyone because he has the audacity to be fair and think independently. More importantly, he’s conservative and supports Donald Trump. He looked at the evidence, saw that Breonna Taylor was the bank for a drug dealer, saw that the cops had a lawful warrant to be there, saw that they knocked first, saw that they were fired upon, and determined that this was not murder. But because Daniel Cameron is black he got it much, much worse than a white DA would’ve if they chose not to press murder charges. He’s a “sellout nigroe.”

This is the kind of person Risa King is inspired by. A blatantly racist trashbag who think she has the right to decide who is and isn’t black. What are the odds that this woman’s son would become the victim of of a hate crime at the hands of a cop?

She’s also a big fan of crippled rapist Jacob Blake, who nearly kidnapped his rape victim’s three children in a stolen car, before he was thwarted by a brave police officer who shot the rapist four times in the back, saving the lives of the children in the process. She was really mad at the Milwaukee Bucks for not refusing to play quickly enough after they found out that the rapist was shot.

Just a reminder that Jacob Blake had a warrant out for his arrest on the day he was shot because he woke up the mother of his children in the middle of the night, digitally raped her, put his fingers to his nose and said, “smells like you’ve been with other men.”

Nice guy. Risa King supports him.

Her page constantly bemoans “white privilege.”

Orange man bad.

How unfair and racist America is.

Misleading BLM propaganda.

She’s taught her son to distrust the police and convinced him that he’s destined to become a victim.

She also shamed a family member and blocked her on Facebook because this family member didn’t think it was right that George Floyd got a huge funeral, while David Dorn (who was also black and killed by BLM rioters) received nothing.

And just for kickers she also announced that she has lost many friends since the patron saint of fentanyl George Floyd was killed.

Almost like this woman is a BLM cult member who isn’t afraid to blow up every relationship and friendship she has ever had if people don’t get in line with politics.

What kind of mother does this to their kid’s friend’s parent? She’ll have to see this mother at sporting events moving forward, and instead of just speaking to her about it she ran to WCVB and is demanding hate crime charges be filed. She doesn’t care about the embarrassment or awkwardness her son will now have to deal with. She just wanted to advance the BLM agenda at any cost.

I wasn’t there that night so I can’t say for sure what happened. All I know is there’s no way in hell a Milton cop is throwing her career away over a 14 year old boy who’s friends with her son. The idea that he was ever in danger is laughable, she’s a radical who has trained her son to become a victim, and she’s filled with hatred towards police because she’s inspired by Tamika Mallory. If I were to guess what happened that night I’d opine that her son started mouthing off about anti-cop BLM propaganda he learned from Mom because the Celtics were on and you can’t avoid talking about BLM during a NBA game. The cop likely defended her position, corrected the brat, and he got lippy with her. Things got awkward and tense and the Dad offered to drive the kids home. Then the brat got home and told his crazy Mom who now wants hate crime charges to be investigated, and for the cop to have her gun taken from her. The only travesty here is that Milton PD is even humoring this.

But again, I wasn’t there, and neither was she.


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