Rap Legend 2$moke Arrested With New Girlfriend For Attacking And Threatening Victim Outside Of Putnam Walmart 


Editor’s Note – TB Daily News avoids profanity and graphic images that could violate rules for Google AdSense. The story you are about to read makes several of those things unavoidable, which is why we would urge you to read the unfiltered version on TBS by clicking hereif you’re not easily offended.

Who remembers this guy?

That would legendary Thompson, CT rapper 2$moke.

He’s the former leader to the 860 Money Crew, arguably the most rugged group of street toughs northeastern Connecticut has ever seen. Who can forget their smash hits like “Money Callin,”





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and “Big Boy Finesse,” featuring backup dancer Joey Vancellette, whose brother accurately predicted that they would be featured on Turtleboy after the siblings and their old man were arrested for selling crack cocaine, shooting unregistered guns, and fighting the Webster cops.

Last we heard from 2$moke he was getting arrested for trying to fight state troopers.

And yes, the Connecticut State Police did refer to him as 2$moke in their arrest report.

This time around 2$moke and his lovely new girlfriend ran afoul of the law by shaking down a woman for cash and threatening to kill her at the Putnam Walmart, where dreams come true. Clearly he has turned his life around.

It’s been almost two years and 2$moke has kept a relatively low profile. Then he started dating Alexi Moloney.

The attraction was undeniable when he saw her in that one piece and mistook her for a caramel fudge sundae.

Alexis of course already has a child who appears to be 3-4 years old, and is named something that rhymes with Aidan. Because every child born after 2014 has to be something that rhymes with my first name. However, she did slightly alter the spelling, which is the most amount of time and care she’ll ever invest into this human being’s life.

Shockingly the father’s child does not seem to be around, but luckily one day she feasted her eyes on this.

And she knew right then that this was the man she would settle for, for at least the next 6-8 months.

She’s also quite the catch herself.

So she started a free muh 2$moke campaign.

Don’t worry 2$moke, she will be “holding it down for you,” just like she was at this time last year for whoever this guy is.

As she stated, life was going great for 2$moke prior to this unfortunate incident. He got some studio time for his burgeoning solo rap career now that it appears that 860 Money Crew has disbanded due to incarceration and poverty.

She’s joined in on his growing enterprise of selling selling mid grade marijuana to Websterites and flashing her kid’s college savings on social media.

Just kidding. We all know that poor kid won’t be going to college because Mommy spent it all on Henny.

And she covered herself in the what was left over so that 2$smoke would have somewhere to aim and redefine the meaning of “money shot.” Click here to see the lovely image on TBS.

Since bail is only $5,000 one can only assume that 2$moke should be able to cover that. Unless of course his whole public image is a front, and his rap career isn’t blossoming as he makes it seem. If he’s not out by this weekend I would be honored to have her on the live show to discuss the details of this case and how she plans to free 2$moke.


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