Ratchet Madness 2022 Round 2: Didi Region


Voting is completed in Round 2 of the Biblow Region, and the following 4 ratchets have moved onto the Sweet 16.

I understand Monica is pretty hated, but if she wins this whole thing then this tournament is bogus. There is no way she is more ratchet than the chick who threw the baby into the crib and had sex with her cousin. None. She’s winning by this much based on named brand, and I expect better from you people next round.

With that being said, it’s time to pick 4 more in the Didi Region.


1. Giannetti vs. 9. Gums and Roses

1. Giannetti

  • Filmed himself sticking a knife to his own throat and pretended he was being held hostage and coerced into admitting that he was a rapist so that he could use that video in court
  • Admitted in a video that he raped a girl who didn’t wanna have sex with him, and said “some girls play like that”
  • Ran to court to get a restraining order against Turtleboy despite making dozens of videos threatening to kill me
  • Claimed in court that it’s OK to threaten to kill someone as long as you’re rapping
  • Had to be redirected by the Judge dozens of times while attempting to explain why he feared for his life
  • Claimed in court that I was going to kidnap his son and turn him into a transgender baby
  • Repeatedly was directed by the second judge at the hearing to ask me a question while he rambled on incoherently
  • Accidentally live streamed him and his baby momma as they attempted to get McDonalds high out of their minds
  • Live stream revealed that they see their kid for an hour a day, wake it up at 10:30 to eat chicken nuggets covered in crack residue, she knows how to get people’s garage codes on her door dash route, they use EBT fraud to buy daily $15 cigarette packs, she’s a little bit racist, he’s frightened of her, and they’re both into fentanyl
  • Got emasculated by his baby momma who has to work all day to provide for him
  • Filmed himself smoking crack around her, which she was worried about because she’d have dirty urine
  • Accused his baby momma of spending all his back to school money



9. Gums and Roses

  • Homeless and unemployed but can’t stop making babies with perpetually unemployed, able bodied man who impregnated her
  • We blog about her annually around Christmas when she uses her kids as bait to post a sob story in a community Facebook group that will get her donations that she then resells on other  community Facebook pages
  • All family photos with the kids seem to be in DCF visitor rooms
  • Newest baby randomly was in the hospital over the summer using her taxpayer funded healthcare after he mysteriously found his face covered in bruises as a result of a freak baby carriage collapse
  • Can’t take kids to doctor’s appointments because she doesn’t have a car and has no money for bus fare
  • This year she got greedier than other years, asking strangers for more gifts and asking “What about everything else I just wanted?”
  • Wish list included toiletries, hygiene products, cleaning supplies, children’s clothes, pullups, shoes, clothes for her, frozen food,  fridge food, stove food, microwave food, microwaves, canned goods, drinks, toys, books, tablets, TV’s, phones, laptops, shower curtains, electronics, and mops
  • Unwilling to come and get the free stuff herself and demands contactless delivery
  • Asked complete stranger to complete stranger to stop at Target and get her a birthday cake, a gift card, and a birthday present so that she can resell it all on Facebook marketplace
  • Turned down my job offer of $25 an hour and asked for money instead
  • Didn’t seem to understand that I’ve written blogs about her and she still sends me Cashapp requests to this day




4. Ludlow Slugpump Sister vs. 5. Rego Brothers

4. Ludlow Slugpump Sister

  • Received 4.5 hours worth of work done to her hair to turn it silver and then dipped on the bill
  • Immediately recognized for being Turtleboy famous last year and making the Sweet 16 of Ratchet Madness as a 13 seed with her sister
  • Posted picture on Facebook afterwards, taunting business she just stole from and had no remorse or shame for what she’s done and thinks that it’s OK because she didn’t like the job they did
  • After blog sent us a message that she was filing a report for slandering her name with SVU Detective Kathy
  • Continued to shit on the hard working business owner who she stole from, claiming that the woman was out of line because she expected to be paid for providing a service in her salon
  • Became furious and called into the Live Show because we had her sister on who admitted that she never got the GoFundMe money from her last year



5. Rego Brothers

  • Scammed innocent people out of hundreds of thousands, and potentially millions of dollars by pretending to know how to install concrete
  • Infamous for showing up on the first day to do work, digging up people’s lawns, then never returning again while making up excuses about broken down trucks and Dads with cancer
  • Younger brother Eli abused and starved hid Great Dane and was charged with animal cruelty while employed as a Sudbury Police dispatcher in 2017
  • Have started multiple companies that they keep dissolving in order to avoid paying judgments
  • Use fake addresses for headquarters so no one can ever find them
  • Contracted two other deadbeats named Wayne and Joe because they had more customers to scam
  • Owe potentially hundreds of judgments across Massachusetts and Rhode Island
  • Nelson used scam to build up nest egg to eventually leave the conning business and launch a pop singing career
  • Nelson was arrested 6 or more times for child support and civil warrants from courts all over the state
  • Constable reportedly had over 60 civil warrants for Nelson Rego at one time
  • Nelson made crying video complaining that he was losing singing gigs as a result of blogs
  • Nelson pays to have YouTube videos produced in which he is interviewed pretending to be a pop star who offers advice to up and coming singers




3. Fall River Fallopian Fishbowlers vs. 11. Southside Slampig

3. Fall River Fallopian Fishbowlers

  • Posed for hilarious baby shower pictures in which multiple hoodboogers rubbed her belly because all of them could be the father
  • Ironically complains on Facebook about women who spread their legs easily
  • Claims that she “ain’t catching diseases” and urges the haters to “play with ya coochie not mines”
  • Uses n word freely on social media
  • Brings a butch barbie around her kid who is known for crashing into stone walls while under the influence of drugs and carrying unlicensed weapons
  • She and butch barbie filmed themselves fishbowling room while smoking a blunt and blowing smoke in baby’s face
  • Has lost custody of kids for short periods of time after she nodded off while driving and smashed into one of her baby daddy’s cars
  • Makes extremely ratchet posts on Facebook, including that she “has no time for ho’s that be telling her to take care of her kids,” and blames other ratchets for percocet deals gone wrong



11. Southside Slampig

  • Ratchet whose 2 sons were arrested for murdering a female Chicago police officer
  • Posted Facebook rant about how her wonderful boys shot two cops because they were justifiably scared of them
  • Posted another Facebook Live video where she entered the hospital looking for her two sons who she could not see because they were in custody, but could not find them
  • Posted third video where she entered the surgical wing, yelled “open this mother f***ing door,” barged past nurses, yelled for her murderous spawn, and assaulted officers who attempted to detain her
  • Didn’t get to see her killer sons but was arrested and charged with battery, resisting a peace officer and criminal trespassing
  • Bragged about about how proud she was of the man her killer son had become underneath picture of him throwing drug money on the floor
  • Got knocked up by several different men, all of whom ended up in jail
  • Oldest son Aunray was born when she was the ripe old age of 16, and he ended up becoming an aspiring rapper who had already made Evalena a Grandma by the age of 35, and then died in 2018.




2. Norfolk Horse Fucker vs. 7. North Providence Biker Mom

2. Norfolk Horse Fucker

  • Dude fucked a horse
  • Wore Timberlands and brought step up stool with him in order to get good angle with most attractive horse in the stable
  • Caught on camera fluffing himself up as a warmup before climbing the ladder and tossing in his filly filler




7. North Providence Biker Mom

  • Arrested for terrorizing Cranston drivers with her posse of losers in ATVs, and then assaulting a cop while her children sat at home wondering where Mommy was
  • Filmed herself taking a massive digger while attempting to do wheelies on strike bikes in Boston
  • Started a GoFundMe to raise money for her legal defense, after blockading a woman in traffic, banging on her window, and then assaulting a cop
  • Later in the year she and her posse dragged a mother out of her car in traffic and beat her in front of her 8 year old child
  • IG story has videos of her driving while smoking blunts, and promoting her Only Fans account




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