Ratchet Madness

Ratchet Madness 2022 Round 2: Didi Region


Second round voting in the Biblow Region is completed and these are your 4 ratchets who have been selected to advance to the Sweet 16.

I’m really disappointed in you people for not advancing the Medford Quarry Queefhog. She was one of the most glorious ratchets to ever come on the Live Show. But alas the 3 and 4 seeds have been eliminated from this region, while the top 2 seeds advanced to the Sweet 16.

Onto the Didi the region, where you’ll have 24 hours to decide who is more ratchet in each of these matchups. Ratchet resumes and relevant blogs attached.


She 1. Monica Cannon-Grant vs 9. Franklin Facial Frog

1. Monica Cannon-Grant

  • Charged with 18 counts in federal court relating to nonprofit fraud
  • Committed unemployment fraud, along with her husband, despite bringing in millions of dollars to fraudulent nonprofit
  • Spent hundreds of thousands of dollars earmarked for social services on Uber eats, nail salons, and vacations
  • Live streamed her house getting raided by the feds, used her newborn baby as a shield, and had her daughter’s phone confiscated as evidence
  • Vowed revenge on those who alerted the authorities about her grift
  • Fabricated a lie about Mikayla Miller being lynched by white teenagers, then organized a mob to invade the town of Hopkinton
  • Threated DA Marian Ryan, then went to the wrong place to protest her
  • Helped raise $60K for Mikayla Miller’s independent autopsy, lied about shipping her body out of state, then never reported any results
  • Made a video of herself shooting guns as a threat to anyone who questioned her


9. Franklin Facial Frog

  • Caught on film at lemonade stand running scam where she pays with a $100 bill, gets back $60 in change, puts $20 in her pocket, then tells the cashier she only got $40 back
  • Post led to dozens of other victims coming forward as she targets young cashiers, too afraid to question customers, all across Massachusetts and Rhode Island
  • Multiple evictions
  • Charged in 2014 when the Rhode Island State Police did a two year investigation into over $800K in stolen money
  • Google trophies galore
  • Boyfriend has a plethora of judgments against him and criminal charges
  • Lied about being pregnant when her house mysteriously burned down in 2016 and the community rallied around her to raise money, even though she didn’t live in the district




4. Winchendon Crib Mom Nephew F***er vs 12. Athol Teenie Whisperer

4. Winchendon Crib Mom Nephew F***er

  • Had sex with her underage nephew
  • Has assault charges going back almost 10 years, on top of violations of orders, A&B on family members, and threats to commit crimes
  • Filmed herself violently throwing baby daughter into crib as revenge against baby daddy because he didn’t get her cigarettes
  • Credited herself with not slamming the baby harder and said her knee gave out
  • Called their baby a mistake and threatened to put them outside naked
  • Told baby daddy to abandon his child he had with previous girlfriend and skip her birthday party because “our kid (in utero) is better”
  • Threatened to abort the baby while 6 months pregnant if he didn’t
  • Threatened to chop off his dick because he had too many female friends on Facebook
  • Immediately lost custody of newborn baby and crib baby after giving birth
  • Assaulted boyfriend while he was driving and with their daughter in his arms, and told him that she refused to get a job because it was the man’s job to work
  • Blasted her sister for calling DCF on her
  • Used burner accounts to defend her own child abuse
  • Once threw a chair at an ex-boyfriend for not cooking her steak right
  • Assaulted an ex-boyfriend for not paying for her $300 hair extensions
  • Messaged random people and threatened to hit their kids too for judging her
  • Uses the n word freely when threatening people on the Internet
  • Sits outside of women’s homes when they like Facebook pictures of whatever guy she’s dating
  • Threatens to yell rape when men try to dump her
  • Charged in July with assault and battery, criminal harassment, and destruction of property.
  • Bragged about being a good mother on Facebook and vowed to get her kids back
  • After getting out of jail announced that “you can go to jail for so many little things it doesn’t make you a bad parent or bad person”
  • Came on the live show to defend crib abuse video and confront sister in law


12. Athol Teenie Whisperer

  • Orange court officer who got busted by a predator poacher last year trying to meet a 14 year old boy at Cumby’s, but got away with it on a technicality
  • A year later he got caught by the more infamous Predator Poacher Jay and this time he did explicitly agree to have sex with a 14 year old boy in writing
  • Said he likes to give deep throat to little boys and swallow load
  • Accused the guy pretending to be a 14 year old of not having an investigative license
  • Claimed he was going there to talk the 14 year old out of sex, despite telling them about how much he likes swallowing kiddie loads
  • Vowed to get the Poacher kicked off the Internet and threatened to sue




3. Shelburne Falls Incest Incels vs 6. New Bedford Knife Whalers

3. Shelburne Falls Incest Incels

  • Got drunk and went grocery shopping at Big Y in Greenfield with daughter
  • Left dog locked in hot car with windows up while they shopped
  • Confronted and tried to fight concerned citizens who filmed them
  • Threatened to call the cops on people they threatened
  • Boyfriend couldn’t stand without falling on hood of car
  • Boasted about success by bragging about having 20 chickens
  • Yelled racial slurs at people filming them and said, “I live here you dumb ho”
  • Threw a bottle of booze out the car window as they drove away with unrestrained toddler in backseat
  • Pictures later emerged of him pointing loaded gun at dog’s head


6. New Bedford Knife Whalers

  • Wwo crackheads who stabbed a woman 3 times their size in broad daylight on a busy street in New Bedford, and it was all caught on film
  • Blow J. Simpson had 7 kids and custody of none
  • Latest baby Daddy currently in jail due to the fact that he’s a gang banging drug dealer
  • Also found to be involved in another New Bedford stabbing the week before
  • Crack Pipe Patty dropped her drugs during the stabbing and came back to pick them up
  • Also a single Mom without custody who got knocked up by a guy with a flat brimmed 100 emoji hat




2. Framingham Feral Family  vs  7. Meriden Meat Mustang

2. Framingham Feral Family

  • Mother and her two teenage daughters followed elderly woman into Michael’s over perceived slight in parking lot
  • Assaulted said elderly woman at Michael’s, destroying her 20 year old picture that she was trying to get framed for a Christmas present for her daughter
  • Smacked the glasses off the woman’s face and wouldn’t allow her to pick them up
  • Mother’s youngest daughter was trauamatized and crying throughout incident
  • Named her daughters Brooklyn and Ireland
  • Mother was all over the news two years ago screaming about police brutality because the cops entered her home to arrest her pot dealing son Gineto (Gino) Callahan, who she called for backup at Michael’s
  • Media attempted to smear the police too, but that narrative was quickly debunked when it was revealed that they had a warrant and she attempted to prevent them from coming into the house as her son flushed the evidence
  • Used this opportunity to do what every ratchet does when they get caught doing something bad and want to blame it on the police – start a dindu nuffin GoFundMe



7. Meriden Meat Mustang

  • Mom of special needs children who get neglected while she builds social media followings
  • Started Only Fans account where she films herself naked with children playing in foreground next to her
  • Asked Facebook roster to give her money so she can pay her bills until welfare check arrived, despite recently posting about new car she just bought
  • Claimed to have been struggling due to COVID but had no job prior to COVID
  • Pawned grandma’s jewelry for drug money
  • Claims to be asking for money by “putting my pride aside” but constantly begged for money before that
  • Not her fault because she procreated with deadbeats who had no intention whatsoever of sticking around or paying her a dime in child support
  • 6 months later she appeared on TB again when she met up with a guy who she thought was paying her $500 for sex, and she brought her 2 kids with her and they all slept in the hotel room together in order to save money on childcare
  • Made another video asking for $250 because she just moved into a nice beautiful apartment,” and “brought all brand new furniture, all new stuff,” and forgot to save money to buy her kids back to school supplies
  • Proudly bragged about being unemployed and living off disability
  • Her long term plans are to “go to back to school, open a business or do something,” and if that doesn’t work she “might do counseling or social work, adolescents with addiction” because she has a past with addiction (that may or may not have contributed to why she had a preemy baby)
  • Ironically called out all the “gold diggin stank ass females bousche ass wannabees,” and “dudes who act like they got it together when they don’t be who the f*** they really are”
  • Next day she was asking for $50 more dollars for school supplies (guess she forgot to buy them when she saw the fresh kicks at Foot Locker), while bemoaning how hard it was to promote her makeup line and get a job while also collecting social security
  • Offered to sell her food stamps if people didn’t want to donate
  • Started a GoFundMe entitled “at cape cod” for another free vacation
  • Sent us long winded sentagraph explaining how we deformed her
  • Four days after begging Jamal for $250 so she could get her children back to school supplies she filmed herself looking into her phone while driving her son home from a shopping trip, and showed off the brand new FILA shoes she just bought with the donated money



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