Ratchet Seeks Restraining Order Against Turtleboy In Attleboro District Court After Police Reports Detail Abusive Behavior In Home


Yesterday I received another summons to appear in court for a harassment prevention order hearing in Attleboro on April 3. I’ve received dozens of these in the past from people I’ve written about who have tried to weaponize the courts in order to silence our accurate reporting on their behavior. I have never lost, and no one has ever received an order on me after a 2 party hearing. The most recent victory was over Celebrity Chef Mike Fucci, and I’ve honestly lost track of all the others. This time around is a repeat customer by the name of Katherine Peter, who is not happy about the accurate reporting we’ve recently done on her and her boyfriend’s abusive criminal behavior. We will be reading the after David on the Live Show tonight at 9 PM. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

It should be noted that the plaintiff in this case stalked, harassed, threatened, and posted intimate pictures of a random woman she has never met before, because she believed that this woman was associated with the blog. She claimed to have paid a private investigator for 6 months to have the woman’s movements documented, so finally the woman applied for and received a HPO on Peter after a two party hearing in West Roxbury District Court. Two days after the order was granted Peter violated it by directly addressing the victim on a YouTube stream. The Boston Police Department filed charges that she is now facing in court, and her employer Kingswood Village Apartments in Bridgewater is unaware of this. Her motion to dismiss was denied in February.

As for her boyfriend Andrew Johnson, he is also being charged in the same court after assaulting this award winning reporter as I attempted to ask the criminal defendant some questions after a hearing.

He is also facing charges in Attleboro District Court for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (knife) on a minor, and a separate charge for assault and battery on a family member for an incident three months later.

These career criminals are once against attempting to use the courts to silence my reporting, but I won’t be deterred. I am an American citizen and a well respected member of the press. You don’t get to silence journalists because they’re showing the world what a horrible person you are.

Three years ago this same woman applied for an order in the same court in an attempt to prevent me from reporting on why she had two children taken from her by the state. Like Mike Giannetti, she received a temporary order after telling the judge a bunch of lies during a one party hearing that I did not attend. Pretty common practice. She attempted to have me arrested for violating the order several times before the 2 party hearing, but failed every time. Two weeks later the hearing was held, and it was one of the greatest train wrecks in legal history. Here’s the audio, and here’s the top 15 moments from the train wreck.

The hearing is open to the public on April 3 at 11 AM.


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