Ratchets Caught On Video Swearing At Kids, Strapping Children To Chairs At Unlicensed Bridgewater Daycare In Building Owned By State Rep


WBZ did a story on Friday about an unlicensed daycare center in Bridgewater that is under investigation by DCF for alleged abuse of children.

A Bridgewater child care center is under investigation after reports of abuse and neglect. The state ordered The Drop Spot to shut down months ago.

“I think a place that’s dangerous, considering all the parents that have had really negative experiences there,” said Nicole Conley, who used to work at The Drop Spot.

It’s a private business that state officials ordered to close in December because they weren’t licensed to care for children. The Department of Children and Families tells WBZ they’re looking into reports of alleged abuse and neglect.

“Nothing like this has happened before,” said Samantha Muise, the owner of The Drop Spot. Muise claims she can still operate as a private membership club. She said this started as a complaint of a child left in soiled clothing and a separate incident involving an employee that was captured on cellphone video.

“The child was in a buckled seat because he had some very severe behavior stuff,” Muise said. “The video had been out previously and she was like mocking the child for his behavior.”

As the DCF investigates, Muise tells WBZ she fired the employee and installed cameras inside the facility.

“We alerted the family on Friday, and we terminated the staff member first thing Monday morning when she came back to work and we notified DCF,” Muise said. “We’re just thankful to the staff that came forward right away that and let us know that there was a problem so we can address it right away.”

There were a few documented incidents that happened at this daycare that WBZ didn’t mention. First, an employee was heard on video telling a kid that she was “ready to throw you across the f***ing room, you’re not an infant.”

That’s one of the employees who was fired after it was made public. Her name is Kayla Faghan, and she looks like a consolation prize you could take home form the Brockton Fair.

I’ve had conversations with Sam Muise before since her and I are on the same side of the mask and mandate issue, but I won’t ignore a story based on a previously friendly relationship. I did reach out to Sam for comment, as I do with all blog subjects, and she showed me that Kayla had all the appropriate certificates to work at this daycare. However, she was the one who hired her.

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The bigger problem is it’s not a licensed daycare, which Sam doesn’t shy away from.

According to Sam she could’ve gotten licensed but doing so would’ve required her to force her employees to comply with EEC mandates for diversity, equity, and inclusion training. I couldn’t find anything mandating that on the state’s website.

To get around her lack of licensure Sam simply rebranded her daycare as a private membership club and museum that parents join by signing a form.

Except the problem with that is that it’s listed as a daycare by the bank, and when you search for daycares in Bridgewater her’s is one of the first that comes up (although it’s listed as a youth club).

“It’s a great recreational day program in addition to a daycare.”

Yea, if I drop my kid off with you while I go to work and I pay you to watch them, that’s a daycare. Everyone else has to do it, you’re not special. Don’t like it? Move to a state where you don’t need a license to run a daycare.

Sam also started a $75K fundraiser to “restore educational freedom” at her unlicensed daycare.

I was sent a video from the non-daycare daycare of a 4 year old boy who was strapped to a children’s chair that is much too small for him, trying to escape in the middle of throwing a tantrum and saying the f word. The video is horrific, both for the language he uses (not sure where he learned that from) and the fact that a child this big was stuck in a chair that small as punishment, so I won’t share it. But here’s a screen cap.

Sam was made aware of the video by an employee who has since been terminated, and told her to “just ignore that” and not speak to the child when he’s behaving like that.

That text was sent on April 1 and no action was taken. The parent was never alerted and only found out recently when the employee who filmed the incident was terminated for an unrelated incident.

When I spoke to Sam about this she said that she meant not to feed into his tantrum when he speaks like that. I told her I thought it was inappropriate to strap a kid to a chair as a form of punishment, but she said they had no other alternatives because the child’s mother wasn’t picking up her phone. According to Sam they had no other remedy because the child was out of control.

The employee who alerted Sam was fired last week for allegedly not changing a child’s dirty diaper. When I spoke with this woman she told me that she was left all alone with 12 small children and a broken hand while the two other workers – Lexi Kistner and Yalex Gonzalez – were outside smoking weed. For that reason she claims she was unable to change the child’s diaper. Lexi’s IG account contains lots of videos and pictures of her smoking pot, which isn’t a big deal but does add credence to the story that she was smoking pot at work. Her IG also links to her Only Fans, where she sells herself as a “squirt loving pansexual.”



Guess there’s a market for just about anything. Lexi was the one who allegedly strapped the boy to the chair as punishment.

Sam wasn’t there to witness any of this because Sam is almost never at the non-daycare daycare. However, it operates out of a building in Bridgewater that is owned by one of her boyfriends (she is polygmous), State Representative Angelo D’emilia.


We’ve written positively about him before in 2017 when he was the only Republican State Rep to refuse to accept a pay raise for elected officials that he voted against.

I told Sam that my concern was that she owns an unlicensed daycare in a building owned by a man who writes legislation, and she never seems to be there when these incidents happen. If you own a business you’re ultimately responsible for what happens in it. Also I asked her about this message from 2018, in which she said I “f***ing hate that kid.”

She said it was a bad moment from 4 years ago.

On Friday The Drop Spot posted on Facebook about how Kayla was fired for swearing at the kid, and the other employee was terminated for letting the kid sit in his own feces. She claimed that staff witnessed the incident and reported it to her, but later in the comments said that no one witnessed it.

Meanwhile, on the Mothers of the South Shore Facebook group the hens are clucking about these incidents, although many of the people seem to be biased because they object to her relationship with right wing activists.

Two days ago The Drop Spot posted again, claiming that the allegations of leaving a child crying in a chair were defamatory.

But I saw the videos with my own eyes.

Sam claims she never received the video until it emerged on social media.

But she saw the video of the boy in the chair on April 1 and did nothing. Sam claims that her non-daycare daycare isn’t equipped to handle behavior problems like the boy in the chair, and the mother took her child out weeks later before knowing about the incident.

Sam’s supporters are framing this as a political hitjob.

Which might be partly true, but none of this would be happening if Sam was running a licensed daycare that wasn’t supervised by ratchets.

Sam told me that she’s putting cameras in the facility now to keep a better eye on the place when she’s not there. But in 2017 she posted on Facebook that they had cameras there already.

When I asked her about it she said those cameras didn’t tape anything, but were monitored at all times, which sounds hard to believe.

The bottom line is that when incidents like this happen at your unlicensed business, and you’re never there, it’s not political if people have a problem with that. It’s good that the employee was fired, but the real problem is oversight. Not all government regulation is bad, and you might not like the law but you have to abide by it. Renaming your daycare a private club, like you’re hosting The Masters for infants, doesn’t mean you’re not a daycare.


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