Reading Old Ralph “Blackface” Northam Tweets And All His Woke Supporters Calling His Opponent Racist Is Fantastic Theater

Watching people pretend to care about blackface more than infanticide is like watching the world burn.

Earlier in the week Virginia Governor Ralph Northam went on the radio and for some reason decided to say that he had no problem with a mother giving birth to a baby and allowing Mom not NOT resuscitate the baby if he or she wasn’t breathing. In other words, he was saying that he thinks you should get a 10 minute grace period if you still haven’t made up your mind about having an abortion.

He literally said that it should be legal to allow babies that have already been delivered to die. In a normal world that would be the end of your political career. But this is not a normal world, and the fact of the matter was that no one in his party gave a shit, but they would if he had a red MAGA hat or smirked at the wrong person. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – being labeled as a racist is worse than being labeled as a pedophile, rapist, or a murderer. And what happened to Governor Northup today proved that point for me. Everyone has seen his medical school yearbook from 1984 by now.

Those are perfectly normal pictures to submit to your yearbook. A picture of you in a suit, another one kneeling with a cowboy hat, a third with you sitting next to a sports car, and finally you in either a KKK outfit or blackface. If I had to pick four pictures to submit that one would definitely be on the list.

The best part about this is that if he didn’t advocate for infanticide just a few days earlier then no one would give a shit about him, and these pictures never would’ve been dug up. It was because he became a national figure for saying something so outrageous that some right winger decided to find dirt on him, and then – BAM – blackface.

It was just too ironic because four months ago this guy’s party was going through Bret Kavanaugh’s yearbook, analyzing what boofing meant, and clutching their pearls when they found out that an 18 year old boy once drank a lot of (gasp) beer!! That was a high school yearbook. Northam’s isn’t high school or even college. It’s med school. And unlike Kavanaugh’s yearbook nothing had to be interpreted either. He’s just standing there in blackface or in a KKK robe, with no fucks left to give. Meanwhile he was piling on and virtue signaling like a good party soldier.

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Kind of funny how the media found Kavanaugh’s yearbook so easily, but yet the nearby Washington Post couldn’t be bothered to go looking for this. Almost like they have an agenda and only actually look for shit if they’re trying to expose a certain team.

Now what I’m about to say might be considered radical, but whatever – I don’t think this is a big deal. And by this I mean blackface and/or dressing up as a klansman. Yea, yea, I understand the historical context of blackface, but so what? No one alive today was around when it was used to be offensive. Am I allowed to paint my face at all? Can I paint it navy blue? How bout light gray? How bout charcoal gray? How close am I allowed to get to the color black before my life will literally be ruined?

See how stupid that sounds? What kind of country is this where you’re allowed to paint your face any color you want except for one? It’s friggin Halloween. You dress up as shit you ain’t. Like a klansman, or a Vaudeville performer. That’s the whole point of Halloween. You’re not actually being racist. You’re dressing up as someone who was being racist. I can easily see myself having done this if I was 17 years old in Massachusetts and saw nothing wrong with it because I honestly had no idea when I was younger that this would ruin your life. Now imagine how someone in the south would see nothing wrong with it in 1984 when people were still allowed to enjoy Blazing Saddles. There’s a reason he put it in his yearbook – because it wasn’t a big deal.

Does my opinion offend you? Good. Because your feelings don’t matter. I refuse to accept a reality where someone wearing blackface 35 years ago is a bigger deal than advocating for infanticide three days ago. That doesn’t make me fucked up, it makes YOU fucked up. You are truly deranged if you think this is worse than what he did on Tuesday.

But at the end of the day I’m convinced that no one actually cares. You cannot possibly see a picture like that and be truly be hurt by it. If you are, then you’re a pussy. Don’t be a pussy. There wasn’t a single white person who saw White Chicks and got upset by it. Not one. Because people putting makeup on to look like someone of a different race isn’t something that actually matters. 

However, it’s 2019, so everyone has to pretend like they care, because if they don’t then they could be the next target of the woke lynch mob. So I knew the democrats were gonna turn on this guy. The left eating itself is a tradition like none other, and it’s really fun to watch. On that note I’ve compiled some before and after tweets of notable blue checkmarked liberals pretending to be offended by this yearbook.

Hey Virginia, are you ready to vote for Northam?

Well you better not, because that muh fuccas racist!

Presidential candidate Kamala Harris said that the election of Northam signaled that Virginia “won’t stand for hatred and bigotry.”


She cares!

Symone Sanders from CNN was like, if you’re racist then vote for the other guy, because Northam isn’t a racist.

Today she be like….

The Republican he ran against (Ed Gillespie) was smeared by everyone as a Trump supporting racist, because simply being conservative now means you’re racist. Just ask sackless failed presidential candidate Evan McMullin.

Now it looks like he might’ve gotten the candidates confused.

Former governor Terry McAuliffe urged people to reject Trump’s hate and racism by voting for Northam!


When news first broke Presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand did NOT call for his resignation.

But because she’s a democratic politician who has flip flopped on everything her entire political career in order to appease her base, she changed her mind an hour later.

So brave. Such strong convictions.

Then there was whoever this blue checkmark is.

“Virginians deserve a governor who is not racist.” Amazing.

What’s he gonna say now?

Oh right, it’s that “whataboutism” thing they always accuse the other team of doing.

The only thing better than watching all these people turn on him and pretend to be offended by blackface is reading old Ralph tweets.

Saying no to white supremacy.

Reppin Juneteenth!

Taking as many pictures with little black children as possible.

Pretending to value diversity.

Pandering to the local black churches.

Here’s my favorite part – he’s refusing to resign, even though everyone in his party has basically been Gillibranded into demanding that he resign.

Yet two years ago he was demanding that Jeff Sessions resign as Attorney General for being a racist.

It’s just so fantastic. Peep that ratio:

Didn’t go as planned. I give him 48 hours. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see him refuse to leave. But at the end of the day this guy’s a pussy and there’s no way he’s gonna stand up to the mob. He’s got one guy from Virginia backing him up at least.

So at least he’s got that going for him.

P.S. His nickname was Coonman too.

As if this story wasn’t awesome enough already.


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