Red Sox Employee Sharon Roper Expresses Joy Over Prospect Of President Trump Dying From Coronavirus


President Trump and the First Lady have contracted COVID, and just like that everyone has moved on from ever present threat of the Proud Boys. I’m actually happy about it, not because I want him to die, but because it could prove once and for all that this pandemic is nothing more than a bunch of overrated, fear mongering nonsense. If a 74 year old man who never exercises and is clearly obese can survive the rona, then it proves we destroyed a $20 trillion economy and violated everyone’s civil liberties for nothing.

If Donald Trump can survive COVID then your children certainly can, and their schools should be fully opened immediately. The fact that he got the bug proves that you can’t hide from it. It’s going to get you eventually. We don’t hide from viruses because we can’t hide from viruses. We go on with our lives, and if you want to sit in your home and wait for it to no longer exist that’s your choice.

Trump gets tested constantly, as does everyone he comes in close contact with does as well. If he can get COVID then you’ve almost definitely had COVID. You just don’t realize it because if you’re a healthy person who doesn’t live in a nursing home COVID should scare you less than a bad hangover.

We will see what happens. If Trump dies from this the coronabros win. But if he’s back in a week and going to rallies without ever showing symptom, then he’s never going to stop talking about how easily he beat the Chinese flu. It will inspire confidence in the American people that they don’t need to be afraid of this virus, his approval ratings will bet up, and he will easily win re-election. If I were him and beat this virus I’d hold rallies in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, California, and any other state that’s still wasting their time with lockdowns and keeping their schools closed.

Others had different takes on this. Meet Red Sox employee Sharon Roper from Quincy.

She goes by Mortitia Westendra on the Facebook machine, and posted her excitement over the prospect of the President dying.

In other words, she is the ideal employee for the woke Boston Red Sox. I personally would fire an employee who wrote something so vile on Facebook, but John Henry may give her a promotion.

According to people we spoke with she claims to be an attorney too. A quick Google of the Quincy resident reveals that it’s slightly more complicated than that.

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Sadly for her Trump is most likely going to be just fine from this, and it has nothing to do with the healthcare he’ll receive and everything to do with the fact that almost everyone who gets this virus recovers from it. And if and when that happens all it will do is prove that this entire thing was the biggest overreaction to anything in the history of mankind.


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