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Remote Learning Testimonials From Parents And Teachers Part 2


Remote learning is child abuse. When I first said this many accused me of being hyperbolic, but every day I get emails and messages from people who tell me that although they were hesitant to call it that at first, it’s clear that it is. If your child is crying and getting physically ill because they’re not back in school then your child is being abused. No other media outlet is reporting on the reality of what “remote learning” really is, so I’m going to keep publishing testimonials from turtle riders so people can see how fear porn and media driven hysteria over a silly virus that only kills the elderly and morbidly obese is damaging healthy children. If you’d like to tell us your stories please email [email protected] or message Clarence Woods Emerson on Facebook. Read Part 1 here.


My son, a 4th grader, is struggling hard.  He had everything ripped away from sports to school and is now doing hybrid.  He struggles with online learning days.  It causes frustration and tears.  I fear that the outcome of virtual learning is going to leave a lot of kids behind, including my own.  This is an example of his assignment.  Notice what he “dreams of”.  A 4th grader should have the sky is the limit mindset when it comes to his/her dreams.  My kid dreams of going back to school fully.  This is his reality.  And it makes me sad as a parent that we cannot do anything about it.  And we are “lucky” because our town is doing hybrid.



Today my daughter literally made herself physically sick because of this remote learning. She had an accident at 7 almost 8 years old. I’m am completely defeated. She hasn’t had an accident since she was 4-5 years old. She is a wreck and I don’t know how I’ll even get her to finish her day. This is pure torture especially for children with special needs.



West Boylston 

I’ve been off FB for a week, needed a break. Logged on this morning to check something for work, saw your post about remote learning being “child abuse”. I’ve never agreed with a statement more than I agree with that. My daughter is a junior at West Boylston. She is a great kid (I take no credit, kid has practically raised herself lol) she’s a 3 sport athlete, she’s on student council, she’s on the National Honor society and just a great kid. She’s always loved school, she never gave me aggravation about going. We live in a 1,000 square foot ranch, her room is in the basement. It’s decent but a basement nonetheless. I went down to see her yesterday at 2:30, she was welling up. She said she hates school, hates remote learning, has a headache from being on the computer all day, and is just so unhappy. She goes to soccer practice, comes home and has to jump back on the laptop to do an hour of fucking homework. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK????? Homework??? Aren’t they home all day??? My happy, well adjusted daughter, the girl who dreams of playing soccer at a D2 college, the girl who dreams to work in sports medicine is heading towards certain unhappiness. For what?? For fucking what?? To save a few 82 year olds? What am I missing? Please help me make sense of this. Sorry for the rant, I’m beyond frustrated.



School Committee Member/Parent who voted to reopen schools and lost 

I just want to point out that some of us School Committee members are trying to get our schools to return to full in person but we are being told it’s not possible. Myself and another member were blasted on our town pages for “soliciting emails” from other struggling parents because I wanted them to understand they have a voice. Ironically, the internet in our K-6 schools has been down today. My 6th and 4th grader were given assignments, my 2nd grader just got on for a 15 minute meet, and my 1st graders might have a meeting coming up at 11 if the internet has been fixed at their school.



Last week when you said home schooling was the same as child abuse, I thought you over reached a little bit however, seeing the tears roll down the face of my seven year old this morning, the look of worthlessness in her eyes, you were so spot on. I told my daughter to close her computer and go play and her teacher and speak with me if it’s a problem. Shit needs to end




So this is day two for us and it BLOWS.  My 4th grader is doing ok so far but my second grader has legit been crying the entire morning just sitting at his little desk in front of his chrome book.  He yelled out loud at one point “I wish I was in school and it would be better”, fucking heartbreaking.  I’d be lying if I said I didn’t cry myself last night and then some more today when they were outside after their short lunch break watching them playing and smiling knowing when time was up they’d have to go back and stare at a screen.  I really don’t know if I’ll make him go on again tomorrow because it is traumatizing him. Traumatizing is such a dramatic word but in this case it’s perfect.  I feel bad for your kid too starting off this way.  They’re all being robbed and it’s disgusting.




My daughter has dyslexia and cries about the headaches and nausea she gets from staring at the screen. She’s only 10 and it’s heartbreaking





My daughter is in kindergarten in Tewskbury. She goes to school for 2 HALF days a week & the other 3 is remote learning. The assignments she’s getting during remote days are nothing more than busy work & she’s not actually learning anything. Now, the 2 half days she’s actually in school she’s learning about mask wearing, signing onto a computer & being a good “digital citizen”  So no actual learning is going on while she’s actually at school either! I’m furious about this!




It’s horrible, I’m a single Mom to a 9 y/o girl in the Weymouth school system. Her teacher is great and doing the best she can but this 100% remote learning is NOT a way to learn! For example: My daughter got stuck on a lesson the other day, instead of being in a classroom where the teacher can see the struggle or watch her raise her hand for help. These kids are typing In a chat box with 20 other kids “I need help” “I’m stuck” now the teacher has to not only find the request in the chat box but stop the lesson, ask the child to unmute their microphone and explain what happened. It’s not natural at all. I’m losing my mind because I watch her become distracted by everyday things at home. I speak to her and try to redirect her. Before you know it I’m yelling, my daughter’s a mess, and the teacher is on to the next subject. Send these kids back to school! I’m a first responder, I’ve been working this whole time and have been exposed to Covid patients multiple times. I STILL want my child in school! We went to Disney 2 weeks ago and made memories that will last forever. There is no need to put these kids lives on pause. Let them learn, in a classroom, with their peers!





Remote learming horror story? Well here goes mine. I’m a single mom of 4 kids. I say single only because I don’t get a penny of support, help, time off from being a full time parent…single as in there’s only me. I also have several disabilities that make life really tough. Instead of collecting a check, I chose to work my ass off to show my kids that life is going to get hard, and if you want better you have to dig in and put the work in to get there. it has been hell, but I have moved us out of public housing, out of a shitty part of the city, and off welfare. Before the virus hit, I was really well with them. I was able to finally have a position where it didn’t matter if a kid got sick and needed me home or to pick them up from school, I was in control of my schedule. Doing these jobs required my car. Now that I have 4 kids home full time, working is not possible. Or working enough to support my family isn’t possible. I’ve had a nightmare of a time going back and forth with unemployment for months. One week I NEEDED to get crap to do laundry and made a few Door Dash deliveries. Earnings that whole week was $27, way under the limit for unemployment, yet I wasn’t eligible for that week due to earnings! Just as an example what I’m up against. What I’m looking at now is losing my vehicle, and if the eviction block changes and my landlord decides to be an ass? Thankfully she knows she will get paid one way or another, that I’m an honest worker, and is patient. But, it’s all ridiculous!

Last week I think on a Sat night, I picked up a delivery at a crowded sports bar that was playing a basketball game. Every bar stool, booth and table packed, people were even standing! All maskless, laughing, drinking, carrying on like life used to be. Why is this ok yet my 6year old is learning off a chromebook you can barely read from? The screen fits a few sentences at a time and is so frustrating to try to complete an entire worksheet on. I would probably give up as a student. When I took online college courses, the professors prepared lectures, recordings, and different ways to be interactive. How these other teachers have not managed something similar i will never get! This is such a shit show, and seems like it will be going on for years. These kids are being robbed of a chance to learn, and families robbed of their ability to survive. If I lose my car, it will be impossible to get another for quite some time. Not just for earning money, but the never-ending drs, dentists, therapists that myself and the children see all require transportation. I am just so scared at where we will be at the end of all this! 




Pentucket (Groveland, West Newbury, Merrimac)

I just wanted to write you and fill you in on how bad the Pentucket school systems remote learning sucks. The kids are home three days a week. They go to school 2 days. At home they have no guidance from teachers at all. They don’t review anything. So, if your child doesn’t get it that’s too bad. “They don’t have time to review” says the superintendent. While at school they have to wear masks at all times. They are supposed to have mask breaks. Sometimes they do sometimes they don’t. It’s up to the teacher. They can’t drink water unless it’s during a mask break! Even though the desks are six feet apart and everyone is wearing a mask. We are all being forced to get our children the flu shot but I don’t believe the teachers have to get one. Even if the children are 100% remote they have to get the flu shot or you can’t be involved in the schools home schooling program. You have to find your own. I have heard from so many parents with younger children that they themselves are struggling trying to teach their children.



My sons day starts at 7:20. At 8 he had a 30 minute break. Went back to “class” for 45 minutes. The bad An hour and 45 minute break/lunch. Was back at 11:15 aaaaand was done for the day at 12. Oh and he’s in special ed. We learned about germs and how to wash our hands every day this week. Sounds like a great education. 






So My son is in an integrated class room on an IEP program. He needs support for his day. First day of school we meet on a zoom at 9:30am to start his day. We log in, I sit down with him (while trying to do my own job mind you from home) Zoom lasted 15 minutes and the teacher says “ok im going to post your schedule for today, let me know if you have any questions, we’ll chat again at 2:30. My office hours are 12-2 if you have any questions”……..Office Hours? Isn’t she supposed to be supplying help all day and have classes all day? And btw, the schedule she posted were just links to youtube videos. 


Remote learning is irreparably damaging children. If you’re pushing for this then you are part of the problem. Anything but a full return to school is unacceptable. Private schools and camps are doing it, and public schools can find a way too. I’m not interested in hearing anyone blame anyone else for why they’re not up and running, I just demand that they open up. A society that allows the needs of adults to come before the needs of children is an immoral society.


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