Repeat Worcester Drunk Driver Who Dragged Woman 200 Feet Asks Turtleboy To Write Blog Shaming State Police For Arresting Him


This is Katrina McCarty from Gardner.

In 2014 she was struck and dragged by a drunk driver named Charles Bohigian after she crashed on the 290 on ramp and got out of her car. The two of them had recently left the Dragon 88 on Route 140 in Boylston, which is infamous for selling Mai Tais that will get you plastered in ways you’ve never been plastered before. McCarty was driving 57 mph on the on ramp in a 30 mph, had been drinking herself, and although she survived she suffered a traumatic brain injury and is permanently debilitated. Her sister read a victim impact statement at Chuck Bohigian’s 2017 sentencing.

In the statement, she said she wonders every day why she lived through it. She said before the crash she worked out every day, owned a masonry company and was planning to open a barbershop. Her three children lived with her. Now they live with their father and she doesn’t see them often. Instead of Ms. McCarthy helping to take care of her elderly parents, they take care of her.

“I had to relearn to walk, relearn to talk … relearn to eat. I had to relearn everything,” she wrote. “I’m still learning. I’ve gone to rehab after rehab. I have to rely on other people for everything. It’s an awful feeling. It makes me want to kill myself,” the statement continued. “I had dreams and goals. Charles Bohigian has ruined my life… I don’t know why I survived.”

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Bohigian claimed he didn’t see her because it was dark and she was dressed in black and had no time to swerve out of the way, but the state police said that was a lie. On top of that he made up a lie about another driver striking her.
Authorities said Mr. Bohigian emanated a strong odor of alcohol and appeared highly intoxicated after his 2002 Hyundai Elantra plowed into Ms. McCarty, who was standing outside of her wrecked vehicle, knocking her down and dragging her for more than 200 feet. A state police accident reconstructionist, however, testified that based on his calculations, Mr. Bohigian should have been able to see the SUV in time.  Even after striking Ms. McCarty, the prosecutor said, there was no indication that Mr. Bohigian attempted to brake his car. At the crash scene, police found a trail of blood from the point of impact to over 200 feet away, where Ms. McCarty was lying unconscious in the road with severe injuries.

State Trooper Brendan Cain, one of the first officers on the scene, testified that Mr. Bohigian’s vehicle had come to a stop beyond Ms. McCarty’s body. He had gotten out, closed the door and walked 150 yards past Ms. McCarty and sat on a guardrail. The trooper said that when he asked Mr. Bohigian what happened, he said that another driver came out of nowhere and ran over the woman, and said that driver then told Mr. Bohigian to keep his mouth shut.

The trooper also testified that the back of his cruiser smelled strongly of alcohol after he took Mr. Bohigian to the state police barracks in Holden. He said Mr. Bohigian refused to be fingerprinted. He said he detected the same strong odor of alcohol in the booking area. Mr. Bohigian’s blood alcohol concentration was between .16 and .28 at the time of the crash, a state police chemist testified during the trial. The legal limit is .08

This was the fourth time Mr. Bohigian has been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol. He was convicted once previously, in 1989, according to the state Registry of Motor Vehicles records. The next next three times, including in 2014, he refused an alcohol breath test. After his arrests in 1991 and 2000, he was found not guilty of the charge.

Despite the fact that it was his 4th DUI Bohigian was sentenced to serve just 6 months of a 2.5 year sentence in the House of Corrections.

In 2019 I began receiving emails from Chuck Bohigian, ranting and raving about corruption in the state police.

He mentioned Alli Bibaud and Joe Early a bunch of times because he knew it would get my attention, and kept mentioning “irrefutable documentation” proving police misconduct.

I get emails like this from yahoos all the time and I usually just ignore them because they’re from people with a personal vendetta trying to weaponize the blog for their advantage.

Chuck’s irrefutable documentation was a complaint he filed in 2019, during which his CAPS LOCK malfunctioned, claiming without evidence that the State Police did not properly investigate the troopers who arrested him for his 4th OUI after nearly killing a woman.

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But in February of 2020 he caught a break when his conviction was overturned by the Supreme Judicial Court on a technicality because he didn’t consent to having his blood drawn at the hospital, even though police had a warrant. Now he’s being retried and constantly forwards me emails he sends the state claiming ethics violations and corruption.


I’ve asked him to stop emailing me, but this week after I wrote about MSP Colonel Chris Mason’s alleged involvement in an incident in Barnstable with his son, Chuck emailed me again, assuming that mentioning Mason would appeal to my desire to write a blog on his behalf.

Wish granted.

Let me be very clear Chuck Bohigian – you are the lowest form of human life imaginable. You destroyed a woman’s life, lied to the police about someone else hitting her, had to be shackled in order to draw blood from you at the hospital, took zero responsibility for what you did, served only 6 months in jail, and somehow think you’re the victim in this. So here I am writing the blog you asked me to write in order to remind you what a horrible, disgusting, waste of space you are.