Reporter Who Whines About Laying Off Journalists Is Demanding Buffalo Police Take Down Blue Lives Matter Flag Because A White Lawyer Said It’s “Intimidating”


There is nothing more triggering to a social justice warrior than seeing something that humanizes police officers. It’s why two months ago a bunch of Braintree Becky’s tried to force the school resource officer to take down the blue lives matter flag hanging in his officer – because it allegedly was threatening to black people. The irony was that it was racist in and of itself to suggest that an entire race of people felt the same way about a flag that supports the police just because of the color of their skin.

Well, it’s gotten even worse in Buffalo:

I thought this was a joke at first, but it turns out a newspaper actually printed this op-ed.

The sense of dread when passing the South District Police Station is palpable. The source of that apprehension? The “blue lives matter” flag flying over the premises on South Park Avenue.

Wait….what? The blue lives matter flag causes “dread?” But….why?

That symbol outside a public building – particularly a police station – sends an unsettling message that should make anyone think twice about what might happen if they or a loved one comes in contact with police.

That flag honors police officers who were murdered in the line of duty. It happens a lot, and it’s all over the news. But then again facts are overrated.

The flag is particularly disturbing in a place like Buffalo, “where we’ve had citizens lose their lives with no threat to police officers,” said Katrinna Martin Bordeaux, chairwoman of the Buffalo Black Lives Matter chapter.

Interviewing the woman who runs the local hate group definitely seems like a fair and balanced way to write an editorial.

The recent examples of that are well known. Rafael “Pito” Rivera – who cops said was holding a gun, though that is not clear from video shown to reporters – was fatally shot by police while running away from them last September.

Cops said? Nah dude, video says. The District Attorney’s Office says. This waste of space was a career criminal who pointed a gun at a cop and got exactly what he deserved. Thankfully the life that actually mattered (the law abiding police officer) was not taken. Your own newspaper reported these facts.

Wardel “Meech” Davis was unarmed when he struggled with police and wound up dead in February 2017, apparently from an asthma attack.

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Good ol “Meech” was exercising his constitutional rights to wrestle the cops and he ended up dying of an asthma attack. What a loss! And we all know “unarmed” civilians can’t kill cops. I’d ask Weymouth Police Officer Michael Chesna to confirm but he was murdered in July by an “unarmed” civilian who threw a rock at his head and then shot him with his own gun.

Against that backdrop, and the ongoing tensions here and elsewhere about police tactics, that flag is an affront. A Police Department spokesman said it has been up for some time and is to honor fallen officers around the country and raise money for their families – which sounds nice. But given that the “blue lives matter” movement gained popularity as a direct response to Black Lives Matter and the killing of unarmed black men, that doesn’t fly.

Oh OK. So black lives matter has called dibs on the phrase “lives matter,” and blue lives matter is committing trademark infringement by suggesting that their lives matter as well. How dare they show support for murdered police officers killed by career criminals, many of who are “unarmed.”

In fact, if officers are so out of touch that they can’t recognize the context in which their flag would be viewed, it raises even more questions about their ability to police a diverse community.

“We need to start having that conversation about why any of this is necessary,” said Bordeaux, who called the flag “extremely disappointing.”

So now we can’t fly the blue lives matter flag because of the “context in which the flag would be viewed.” It’s up to the cops to cater to the feelings and misinterpretations of stupid people. I guess that means the black lives matter flags have to come down too, since most rational people view BLM as the terrorist hate group that it is.

There’s never been any question that police lives matter; police always have had the luxury of assuming that their value is widely recognized. Blacks, regardless of economic station, still have to fight for that recognition every day.

Good point. Criminals who kill cops are totally showing that they believe blue lives matter, and widely recognize the value of police officers. And black people, including LeBron James and Will Smith, have to convince people that their lives matter as well.

Then there’s this Becky:

Her name is Erin Bahn, and she became a lawyer after a failed career as a ballerina. I shit you not – a grown woman who tried and failed to become a professional ballerina.

Turns out she’s the one who tipped off this reporter to the hot take on the flag:

But perhaps the best summation of what’s wrong with this flag comes from attorney Erin Bahn, who alerted me to its presence.

“This is a symbol that supports the choices that police officers make… when they slam someone’s head on a cop car door as they put the person in the back with handcuffs… when they choose to shoot a man in the back as he runs away… when they choke someone who is in custody until they stop breathing,” Bahn wrote in an email, after realizing she couldn’t just drive past this flag.

The symbol literally is supporting murdered cops. That’s it. You don’t get to just make shit up and demand that people take shit down because the voices in your head are telling you things that aren’t true. Then it got worse….

She also realized it’s an issue for the entire city, one that defines what kind of place we want this to be.

“I felt intimidated as a white female,” Bahn wrote. “All of Buffalo should feel the intimidation which is intended in this symbol and then righteously rage against it.”

Oh. My God. Let the pearl clutching begin. The fact that any law firm would be dumb enough to hire someone this stupid is mind boggling. I’d suggest giving Kavinoky Cook a bunch of bad reviews on Facebook, but they’re so technologically inept they don’t even have any social media accounts.

Becky Bahn felt intimidated “as a white female,” because we all know cops love killing white women too. Not just some people, but ALL people in Buffalo should feel intimidated when they see that flag and then “righteously rage against it.” And by “rage against it,” she means write an email to a race baiting journalist who has been stuck at the Buffalo News since 1992 because he’s so devoid of talent that upward mobility is out of the question. A man who despite being given this platform, still only has 90 followers on Twitter.

Finally Rod Watson ends with this:

She’s right. But it shouldn’t even have to come to that. Mayor Byron W. Brown and Police Commissioner Byron C. Lockwood should order that flag taken down – now – and then figure out how to retrain the officers who put it up in the first place.

Why are the Mayor and Commissioner both named Byron? Only in Buffalo. But yea, they should totally get around to “retraining” the officers who had the audacity to show their support for murdered cops.

Apparently that’s Rod Watson’s shtick though.

How ironic that he looks like every grizzled Police Lieutenant from every 70’s sitcom show involving the police.

Last year he wrote this masterpiece when the Bills made the playoffs for the first time in 18 years and he looked around and saw all these happy people.

Does the phrase “Get a life!” mean anything around here? In the meantime, what’s going on in the real world?

We have a president well on his way to becoming America’s first dictator, while he and “rocket man” threaten to blow up the planet. We have environmental and civil rights protections being shredded, agency heads neutering their agencies and a tax bill that expands the massive gap between the haves and have-nots.

This guy queefs in the elevator and blames it on racism.

It’s really a shame that local newspapers are dying, and all these “reporters” keep getting laid off. How can the world live without hot takes like that?



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