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Response To Criticism Of Leigha Genduso Interview, MVTB Responds To Allegations About Former Bloggers, Facebook Page Gets Hacked


Former blogger Merrimack Valley TB came on the Live show last night to discuss 5 things:

  1. Did all former bloggers really leave on bad terms and hate me on the way out because I treat people horribly, as has been alleged by some?
  2. An extremely inappropriate and threatening post was made by the Turtle Boy Sports Forever Facebook page towards a woman who will not be named. I did not make this post, so who did?
  3. Was I too soft on Leigha Genduso, and have I lost my credibility as a result?
  4. Is the Somerville SJW the worst person on the planet?
  5. Was the Wareham mother justified for assaulting a child because someone misgendered her child?

I’ve gotten a lot of criticism, and perhaps rightfully so, for the way I handled the Genduso interview. I was friendly and flirty. But guess what? That’s just the way I talk to everyone. I would refer you to my first interview with Amanda Sawyer for reference:

I am not Katie Couric. I am an entertainer. I like to make guests feel comfortable because I don’t want to scare them off. Not every interview has to be a confrontation or a fight. In real life I am generally flirtatious with women because I’m extremely charming. It doesn’t mean I’m going to bang her. The “let’s go out for a beer” thing was fun and games. I highly doubt we’re really going out for a beer, but if we did that would be insane considering our history. If you don’t see the entertainment value in exchanges like this I don’t know what to tell you:

Also, follow the Turtleboy quotes account on Twitter because it’s the best. I’m addicted to it, and the guy who runs picks the best lines.

I asked some legitimate questions I wanted answers to, and for the most part I got them.

Leigha Genduso is one of the most infamous characters in TB history. If someone like that is willing to come onto the show I’m going to have them on. Period. I would interview Hitler and/or Didi Delgado (not sure who’s worse) if they wanted to come on. And no, I wasn’t just being friendly because she’s physically attractive. If I interviewed a 500 pound food stamp salesman and treated them the same way I treated Genduso nobody would be complaining right now.

I get it though – Leigha Genduso did a lot of bad things. She laundered money, committed perjury, and sold pot. Instead of being punished for that she was rewarded with a job as a dispatcher. There are some things she doesn’t believe, that I do believe. Like I think her relationships with certain members of the MSP helped her. She won’t say that, but what am I supposed to do? I can’t prove that. It’s just my opinion.

I judge ratchets by who they’ve victimized and how. Leigha Genduso’s victims are the one guy who should’ve gotten into the academy over her, the guy or gal who would’ve gotten on the K-9 unit, and the victims of Landon Steele she dismissed and trashed using the Tony Lombardi page. To an extent Sean Bucci was a victim since he went to jail for 12 years for selling pot, but at the same time she’s hardly the first person to rat someone out to save herself.

But I’ve never hated Leigha Genduso like I have other ratchets. She got exactly what she deserved by losing a job she never should’ve gotten in the first place. I don’t hate her for that, I hate the corrupt higher ups in the MSP who hired her and then took no accountability for doing so. The fact that she was the only one to go down for that, while dozens of troopers went down for the overtime scandal, leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

A lot of people also suggested that I was smitten with her and suggest that I learned nothing from the Bristol scandal. But I’m not hiring Leigha. I had her on for an interview and she has a dog that needs to be adopted I’m going to share it because I like dogs.

If I could do it again I’d ask about her Tony Lombardi account and press slightly more on some questions. I’d address the concerns brought forward by the victims of Landon Steele. For the record, she was willing to answer any of those and has reached out to do so. I wasn’t perfect and I gave myself a D+ for an overall grade.

The bottom line is that it did take guts to come on, she had no idea if I was going to ambush her, and she didn’t expect anything in return from me. I don’t care what she’s done in the past, I respect that. It was my idea to have her on because she started commenting on stories and people were confused, so I felt a proper reintroduction was necessary. I don’t have it in me to hate anyone permanently except for Mike Gaffney, Rian Waters, and she who shall not be named. I’m a softie who believes in redemption, and it looks like Leigha Genduso is not breaking any laws or actively trying to hurt anyone, so I’m willing to be cordial with her. I won’t pretend that I hate someone who I don’t hate over a story I wrote two years ago that justifiably ended their career with the MSP.

And if you didn’t like it, I promise I’ll do better next time.


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