Retired Science Teacher Running For Plymouth Selectman Blows Through Red Lights Following Fire Trucks To Calls Endangering Many For “Study”


There seems to be a tendency for people named Kevin Lynch who are running for small town political positions to have beef with the local fire department and end up on Turtleboy.

Fox 25 News: A Plymouth town official is accused of taking his job a little too far. Officials tell Boston 25 News that he went so far that he followed firefighters to an emergency call. Plymouth fire officials say a town meeting member running for selectman was aggressively following a fire truck while responding to a call, risking lives around them.“He endangered my crew,” said Plymouth Fire Chief Ed Bradley. “When I read my email that night, I was extremely upset.

Bradley is speaking about Kevin Lynch, who is running for selectman. On Friday night, Bradley said Lynch followed a fire truck in close proximity while they were responding to a call at a nearby Bertucci’s parking lot regarding a woman who suffered a head and leg injury. 

“He was keeping up with the engine, driving through red lights and being right in the back tail of this engine,” Bradley said. At first, police and firefighters on scene thought Lynch had information about the call, Bradley said. Police stopped Lynch on scene. 

“He then said he was also running for selectman and was taking notes and that they can go cry him a river,” Bradley said. “He was going to do what he was going to do.” Lynch allegedly told authorities on scene that he was conducting a study on fire department response times and the types of calls they take. 

“Recently, you probably saw stories about how these fire stations go through poor conditions because of the lack of maintenance in the last 10 years,” Bradley said. And that will cost taxpayers millions of dollars to repair the facility, which is something Lynch is against. “He thinks he’s doing these studies on his own by following [us] in a very dangerous way,” Bradley said. 

Bradley said they are not going to stand for Lynch’s actions because they are a risk to the public. They said he also delayed patient care because they had to deal with Lynch on scene. 

No, it’s not THAT Kevin Lynch. We brokered a historic peace treaty with him in June of 2018 after 2.5 years of social media warfare. This Kevin Lynch is a retired Taunton science teacher who looks like Chuck Norris if he tripped on acid and got lost in the woods for 20 years.

This Kevin Lynch is well known for being THAT guy in tow. Mr. Small Town Politics, who goes to every town meeting, makes a federal case out of everything, and generally makes life difficult for everyone he encounters. You don’t know to live in Plymouth to know the type because you probably have a guy like that in your town too. The fact that he’s beefing with the fire department because they need a new station and he doesn’t want to spend a dime on it tells me everything I need to know about him.

I can tell just by looking at him he’s a “muh property taxes” guy.

The kind of guy who’s still mad that schools are wasting money on computers because kids can learn just fine in one room schoolhouses that the Pilgrims built because it worked for him back in the day.

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The kind of guy who resists any sort of tax increase but still whines when the roads aren’t plowed.

The kind of guy who isn’t afraid to get a “No on Prop 2.5” tattooed on his bum because no is always the right answer.

The kind of guy who doesn’t know how to work the Internet machine so he has someone else post his ideas in community Facebook groups after sending a handwritten note to her house on the back of a carrier pigeon.

The kind of guy who uses Microsoft Word to make his campaign signs.

The kind of guy who tried figuring out Facebook one time but only used it to post links from Australia warning people that our society caters too much to the girlie boys, or something.

The kind of guy who thinks that paying taxes like everyone else entitles him to do whatever he pleases, so long as it’s in the name of “accountability.” Like driving through red lights because he’s running for selectman. That’s the most amazing part about this – he’s not even a selectman. He’s just a guy who took out papers and will probably lose because no one in town takes him seriously.

In the name of fairness and equity I would be happy to have Kevin Lynch on the podcast for an interview, although my Ham Radio is broken so I’m not sure how he’d call in.


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