Retired Worcester MMA Fighter Who Threatened Men And Insulted Women And Children Over Fraudulent Sushi Review Has Documented History Of Racism And Similar Behavior


This is Sean Wilmot from Worcester.

He’s a real man’s man, and if you’re a guy his size he’d love for you to take your shirt off, put on some boy shorts, and grab him all over inside of a cage.


Just be warned though, “pro fighters” like him don’t like taking advice from keyboard warriors.

And as you will see, Sean Wilmot is far from a keyboard warrior.

Sean did what manly men always do the other day – went out for sushi with his wife Christine, who is a local nurse. But he evidently wasn’t a fan, so he left a bad review on their Kai Sushi’s Facebook page.

Things got interesting when his waitress showed up and called him out for eating the entire meal, which he claims was so bad that he expressed his displeasure with the bartender. Turns out not only did he lick his plate clean, he liked it so much that he took some extra to go.


But he wasn’t done making a fool of himself, and recommended that people try another Sushi restaurant, which according to another commenter just so happens to be owned by the same people, and likely serves food off the same truck.

Boom. Roasted.

So what do you do if you’re a professional hardo who keeps getting exposed as a liar? Call the person who just exposed you a registered sex offender of course!

I see he’s been following the playbook of most of the people who criticize our blog – when in doubt yell “pedophile” and see if it sticks. Perhaps that’s because he was featured on Turtleboy in October of 2016 after he blamed a corrections officer for smashing into a Jeep that was abandoned on the middle of I-290 in Worcester.


Welcome back Sean!

But wait, there’s also surveillance video that shows that Mr. Wilmot’s plate has hardly any food left on it!


Next he decided to report Kai Sushi to the BBB, accused various women of having loser boyfriends (unlike his wife, who was blessed with one of the world’s greatest winners of all time), and ironically hating on people who are in the medical industry like his breadwinner of a wife.

He accused the waitress of attacking him, even though she went out of her way to be polite to him despite his lying review about the food. He then accused her of being a loose moraled woman when her boyfriend showed up to defend her.

That’s not nice.

Seeing as he’s a 46 year old professional hardo he of course challenged another critic to a fight.

Yea tough guy, show your face. I bet you can’t last longer than he did against the legendary Dave Knaggs in 2002.

When Mr. Duffy offered to meet up with him to hug it out instead, Sean got flustered and accused his mother of being an even looser moraled woman than the waitress.

A 46 year old man who defaults to “your mama” when trapped in a corner. Obviously he has life by the balls.

Finally he took it one step further before deleting his post and shamelessly posted a picture of Mr. Duffy with his daughter, and referred to her as a loser too.


Attacking women and children is Sean Wilmot’s specialty! His wife must be so proud!

This is far from the first time he’s behaved like this publicly either. Sean Wilmot runs a gypsy barbecue service out of his house on Grove Street called Hogfather 2015. The Yelp reviews are off the charts!

Uhoh, what did he say to this man? Let’s find out.

Wishing death upon someone else’s Mom? Check.

Attempting to put a sentence together insinuating that the man’s Dad has HIV? Check.

Demanding to meet up with man who he has Internet disagreement with? Check.

Believing that all non-white people are from Mexico, because it’s the only other country in the world he’s heard of besides New Hampshire? Check.

Using racial slurs and blindly accusing everyone who doesn’t look like him of being here illegally when he’s lost the argument? Check.

Lying about not having his own kids? Check.

That poor girl must be so used to a constant life of embarrassment and humiliation by now though, so the effect of Daddy being TB famous will be minimal.

He’s totally NOT a racist, nor is he mentally deranged based on his Twitter feed.

If you ever need a guy to roast everyone on your timeline who you disagree with just call this guy.

He’ll accuse them all of being pedophiles and they’ll bow their heads in shame while anointing him King of the Internet.

He has earned the right to call other people racist though, because there’s absolutely nothing bigoted about Sean Wilmot.

Nothing at all.

He’s also the only person in the world who actively shared content from Michael T. Gaffney’s now defunct Worcester Independent Leader.

The thought of Milky Mike angrily typing away, knowing that Sean Wilmot is his target audience, makes me warm and fuzzy inside.

If Sean Wilmot would like to come on the live show any night this week to discuss his public spectacle with Uncle Turtleboy he’s more than welcomed to. We have his phone number so he’s probably going to call him anyway. I’m sure this was all just a big misunderstanding. Talk soon Sean!


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