Revere Parents Film Themselves Driving Around Under The Influence While Texting And Swearing At Their Unrestrained Child And Threatening To Slap Him


A turtle rider sent us a disturbing video of a man driving around in a densely populated area with an unrestrained child in the backseat, while clearly under the influence of something and actively texting.

That poor kid. My heart breaks for him watching that video. Imagine what he goes through on a daily basis with these two as his caregivers? I’ve never hated anyone this much before. The driver admits that he almost killed three people earlier in the day for the crime of crossing the street while he was texting.

Driver: “Dying to get run over these fucking morons.”

Passenger: “Remember you almost killed 3 people today?”

Driver: “What the fuck were they doing?”

Passenger: “Crossing the street.”

And this is how he speaks to his own child.

Crotch Fruit: “Daddy I can see you.”

Driver: “I can see you too and you’re fat.”

CF: “No you are.”

Driver: “No you’re fat, you fat f***ing pig.”

Passenger: “He’s f***ing 2.”

Driver: “He’s a pig, he eats everything.”

Notice the poor kid isn’t even wearing a seatbelt in his carseat.

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And the drug addict he has to call Dad is clearly on something while driving his car and staring at his phone. He also threatens to hit the kid, which I’m willing to be is a regular occurrence.

Driver: “Do you wanna get slapped, is that what you want?”

Crotch Fruit: “No.”

Passenger: “I do. I wanna get slapped.”

I’d like to put in a special request to the drug dealer who supplies these two – can we get a hot shot? Just one will do. Anything to eliminate these cretins from the gene pool so that child can have a fighting chance.

He even throws the cigarette out the window because everything he does is horrible.

And of course he had douchebag triangle going on.

Newports, flat brimmed Chicago Bulls hat, and overgrown pubic hairs masquerading as a goatee.

Not sure what the junkie passenger’s real name is since she goes by Gia Marie on Snapface.

But the fact that she’s from Revere is the least surprising turn of events ever.

She went to beauty school, yet even a Snapchat filter can’t save her from permanent junkie face.

The driver’s name is Mark Contrado. And in the least surprising turn of events since finding out that Gia was from Revere, he aspires to be a rapper.

Because, of course he does.

His rapper name is Metro Saint, and his music will give you AIDS.

Yet somehow he was featured three years ago in “” as the model parent working hard to get his crotch fruit back after a period of addiction.

“If you have to put your pride aside for your kid, that’s not making you a sucker – that’s making you a good parent,” explains 24-year old Boston native, Mark Contrado Jr. “I would do anything for my son and I live by that.” This realization, along with an endless reserve of perseverance, is what drove Contrado to turn his life around, creating a brighter future for himself and his son.

He would do anything for his son. Except put a seatbelt on him. Or refrain from threatening to slap him while calling him a “fat f***ing pig.”

Just a reminder that this kid is four years old, and the woman who I assume is the mother (probably a 50/50 on that one) thought he was two.

That’s how little they care about this kid.

The article praises him for overcoming adversity to be an active parent.

Starting as a teenager and through the age of 22, Contrado describes how he fell into a pattern of drug use and addiction. “I got to a point where I was digging a hole until finally I looked up and realized I had dug a pretty BIG hole,” says Contrado.

When his son, Mark Contrado II, was born and then hospitalized for two and a half months, it hit hard. “Just seeing the pain that the baby was in – I literally felt it inside and it hurt,” recalls Contrado. Due to a number of different factors, it wasn’t before long that the State started reducing visitation rights of both parents, eventually placing Mark Contrado II in transitional care. During this time, Contrado and his son’s mother found themselves without a home, struggling to make ends meet.

I wonder why the kid was hospitalized for the first three months of his life. Maybe the fertility factory he came injected poison into her body while pregnant because her needs come before the needs of her child.

Contrado has already successfully completed several of the goals he set for himself in Parenting Journey II.  He has a steady job as a carpenter and he has a safe home where his son now resides. He dreams of gaining full-time legal custody of his son and becoming a full-time musician. Contrado’s face lights up as he relays the story of his son’s first steps, which he took during a visit to DCF just three weeks ago. “His health is now good,” Contrado says smiling. “He’s come a long way.”

The fact that his goal back then was to become a full time “musician” should’ve been a red flag. So are his Facebook posts selling brand new unopened kid’s gifts on Facebook.

Sorry kid, you probably would like that toy but Daddy has to meet up with Diego for the new testers, and Diego doesn’t take food stamps like the old days.

Let’s hope someone from DCF sees this video and blog and takes immediate action. That poor kid’s life is in danger every second he has to be around these slugpumps.


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